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Reversed siderophores act as antimalarial agents.
We describe here a family of biomimetic iron carriers that display high binding efficiency for ferric ions and favorable permeation properties across erythrocytic membranes. These carriers inhibit inExpand
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Reversed siderophores as antimalarial agents. II. Selective scavenging of Fe(III) from parasitized erythrocytes by a fluorescent derivative of desferal.
We introduce here a fluorescent derivative of desferrioxamine B (DFO) that retains the high affinity of the parent compound and displays a powerful inhibition of intraerythrocytic PlasmodiumExpand
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Cloned transgenic farm animals produce a bispecific antibody for T cell-mediated tumor cell killing.
Complex recombinant antibody fragments for modulation of immune function such as tumor cell destruction have emerged at a rapid pace and diverse anticancer strategies are being developed to benefitExpand
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In vivo antimalarial action of a lipophilic iron (III) chelator: Suppression of plasmodium vinckei infection by reversed siderophore
We assessed in vivo antimalarial action of a lipophilic iron (III) chelator belonging to a new synthetic family of biomimetic siderophores previously termed reversed siderophores (RSFs). The familyExpand
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The antimalarial action of desferal involves a direct access route to erythrocytic (Plasmodium falciparum) parasites.
We designed the N-methylanthranilic-desferrioxamine (MA-DFO) as a fluorescent iron (III) chelator with improved membrane permeation properties. Upon binding of iron (III), MA-DFO fluorescence isExpand
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Mode of action of iron (III) chelators as antimalarials: I. Membrane permeation properties and cytotoxic activity.
We have designed two subfamilies of lipophilic iron (III) chelators previously termed reversed siderophores (RSFs). The agents display physicochemical properties that favor extraction of iron beyondExpand
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Monitoring of iron(III) removal from biological sources using a fluorescent siderophore.
We present here the physicochemical and biochemical properties of NBD-DFO, the 7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazole (NBD) derivative of the siderophore, desferrioxamine B (DFO) (Lytton et al., Mol.Expand
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Mode of action of iron (III) chelators as antimalarials: II. Evidence for differential effects on parasite iron-dependent nucleic acid synthesis.
Iron chelation treatment of red blood cells infected with Plasmodium falciparum selectively intervenes with iron-dependent metabolism of malaria parasites and inhibits their development. HighlyExpand
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Nouvelles applications de resine d'acide nitrilotriacetique de nickel (ni-nta) : extraction, recuperation et purification d'hemeproteine d'echantillons biologiques
L'invention concerne un procede d'extraction, de recuperation et/ou de purification d'hemeproteines ou de complexes hemeproteine-ligand d'hemeproteine d'echantillons biologiques au moyen de resineExpand
Micromethod pregnancy test.
The micromethod pregnancy test based on the principle of hemagglutination inhibition utilizes the same reagents used in the Wampole UCG-test Kit and HA Buffer. The procedure consists of centrifugingExpand