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Super ENSO and Global Climate Oscillations at Millennial Time Scales
The late Pleistocene history of seawater temperature and salinity variability in the western tropical Pacific warm pool is reconstructed from oxygen isotope (δ18O) and magnesium/calcium compositionExpand
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Holocene multidecadal and multicentennial droughts affecting Northern California and Nevada
Abstract Continuous, high-resolution δ 18 O records from cored sediments of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, indicate that oscillations in the hydrologic balance occurred, on average, about every 150 years (yr)Expand
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The role of currents and sea ice in both slowly deposited central Arctic and rapidly deposited Chukchi–Alaskan margin sediments
A study of three long cores from the outer shelf and continental slope north of Alaska in the Arctic Ocean indicate that localized drift deposits occur here with sedimentation rates of more than 1.5Expand
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A Holocene pollen record of persistent droughts from Pyramid Lake, Nevada, USA
Pollen and algae microfossils preserved in sediments from Pyramid Lake, Nevada, provide evidence for periods of persistent drought during the Holocene age. We analyzed one hundred nineteen 1-cm-thickExpand
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Age of the Mono Lake excursion and associated tephra
Abstract The Mono Lake excursion (MLE) is an important time marker that has been found in lake and marine sediments across much of the Northern Hemisphere. Dating of this event at its type locality,Expand
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A summary of Brunhes paleomagnetic field variability recorded in Ocean Drilling Program cores
The Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) has recovered many long sediment sequences from around the World that contain medium to high-resolution paleomagnetic records of Brunhes age. These records haveExpand
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The rise and fall of Lake Bonneville between 45 and 10.5 ka
A sediment core taken from the western edge of the Bonneville Basin has provided high-resolution proxy records of relative lake-size change for the period 45.1e10.5 calendar ka (hereafter ka). AgeExpand
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Correlation of late-Pleistocene lake-level oscillations in Mono Lake
Abstract Oxygen-18 ( 18 O) values of sediment from the Wilson Creek Formation, Mono Basin, California, indicate three scales of temporal variation (Dansgaard–Oeschger, Heinrich, and Milankovitch) inExpand
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A comparison of Holocene paleomagnetic secular variation records from North America
The comparison of nine Holocene (0–12,000 years B.P.) records of paleomagnetic field secular variation (PSV) obtained from across North America indicates that distinctive field features inExpand
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Response of North American Great Basin Lakes to Dansgaard–Oeschger oscillations
Abstract We correlate oscillations in the hydrologic and/or cryologic balances of four Great Basin surface-water systems with Dansgaard–Oeschger (D–O) events 2–12. This correlation is relativelyExpand
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