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The role of the rural tourism experience economy in place attachment and behavioral intentions
Abstract This study aims to empirically explore the effect of the experience economy on place attachment and behavioral intentions through emotions and memory. To do so, the rural tourism context wasExpand
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The Importance of Quality, Satisfaction, Trust, and Image in Relation to Rural Tourist Loyalty
In the past decade, tourism firms have become aware of the great benefits of maintaining a solid base of loyal customers. Because rural tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in some countries, theExpand
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Corporate reputation, satisfaction, delight, and loyalty towards rural lodging units in Portugal
This paper enriches the model of delight and satisfaction that Oliver et al. (1997) propose and Finn (2005) modifies, with a suggested causal relationship between disconfirmation and arousal and theExpand
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Satisfying and Delighting the Rural Tourists
ABSTRACT This study applies the concept of customer delight and the model proposed by Oliver, Rust, and Varki (1997) and modified by Finn (2005) to the context of rural tourism. The model is appliedExpand
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The effect of perceived benefits, trust, quality, brand awareness/associations and brand loyalty on internet banking brand equity
This research examines the interrelationships of trust, brand awareness/associations, perceived quality and brand loyalty in building Internet banking brand equity. The model was based on data fromExpand
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Brand emotional connection and loyalty
This study, for the first time, aims to integrate brand attachment as an antecedent of brand love and both, affective commitment and brand trust as mediators between brand love and loyalty. It isExpand
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The effect of corporate social responsibility on consumer satisfaction and perceived value: the case of the automobile industry sector in Portugal
Previous research has suggested that a good record of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate social performance (CSP) positively influences corporate financial performance (CFP) byExpand
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The effect of atmospheric cues and involvement on pleasure and relaxation: The spa hotel context
Abstract This paper aims to incorporate, for the first time, involvement as an antecedent of emotions, as well as, satisfaction as outcomes in the S–O–R model. The proposed model was tested into theExpand
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Exploring behavioural branding, brand love and brand co-creation
This paper aims to contribute to the understanding of the complex consumer brand relationships by holistically exploring the dynamics between brand love and co-creation, how they are impacted byExpand
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Value get, value give: the relationships among perceived value, relationship quality, customer engagement, and value consciousness
Abstract In today’s market, firms expect customers to not only consume their offerings, but also to market these offerings indirectly through different engagement behaviors. This study is conductedExpand
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