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Vibrational level population of H_2 and H2+ in the early Universe
We formulate vibrationally resolved kinetics for molecular hydrogen and its cation in the primordial universe chemistry. Formation, destruction, and relaxation processes for each vibrational levelExpand
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Anomalous transport induced by sheath instability in Hall effect thrusters
It is well recognized to ascribe the anomalous cross-field conductivity inside Hall-effect thrusters to fluctuation-induced transport due to gradient-driven instabilities (Rayleigh or electron drift)Expand
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Collision Integrals of High-Temperature Air Species
Collision integrals (transport cross sections ) of air species in the temperature range 50 ‐100,000 K have been calculated by using experimental and theoretical informations on potential energyExpand
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Transport Properties of High-Temperature Jupiter-Atmosphere Components
Transport properties of high-temperature helium and hydrogen plasmas as well as Jupiter atmosphere have been calculated for equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions using higher approximations ofExpand
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Kinetic simulations of a plasma thruster
The modelling of the Hall thruster SPT-100 is a very important issue in view of the increasing importance of such propulsion devices in space applications. Only kinetic models can investigate theExpand
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Self-similarity in Hall plasma discharges: Applications to particle models
Electron transport is a key process in the physics of Hall thruster discharges. Therefore, a kinetic description of the heavy particles (Xe) as well as electrons is required. The ideal numericalExpand
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An evaluation of the effect of the dissociative attachment of vibrationally excited H2 on primordial universe chemistry (Research Note)
Aims. We study the relevance of including vibrational levels of molecular hydrogen in one of the processes taking place in the primordial Universe: the dissociative attachment of H2. Methods. WeExpand
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Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy on meteorites
Abstract The classification of meteorites when geological analysis is unfeasible is generally made by the spectral line emission ratio of some characteristic elements. Indeed when a meteorite impactsExpand
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On the possibility of using model potentials for collision integral calculations of interest for planetary atmospheres
Abstract The interaction energy in systems (atom–atom, atom–ion and atom–molecule) involving open-shell species, predicted by a phenomenological method, is used for collision integral calculations.Expand
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