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Spore stratigraphy and correlation with faunas and floras in the type marine devonian of the Ardenne-Rhenish regions
A spore zonation scheme comprising fifty-one zones is proposed for the marine Devonian strata of the Ardenne-Rhenish regions of Western Europe. The zonation comprises a series of Oppel andExpand
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Devonian–Early Carboniferous miospore biostratigraphy of the Amazon Basin, Northern Brazil
Abstract A miospore biozonation, including 17 new interval zones, is proposed for Devonian–Early Carboniferous stratigraphic sections in the Amazon Basin. It results from a detailed review of theExpand
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Late Frasnian–Famennian climates based on palynomorph analyses and the question of the Late Devonian glaciations
Palynomorph distribution in Euramerica and western Gondwana, from the Latest Givetian to the Latest Famennian, may be explained, to some extent, by climatic changes. Detailed miospore stratigraphyExpand
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Palynostratigraphy of the Chapada Group and its significance in the Devonian stratigraphy of the Paraná Basin, south Brazil
The Alto Garcas Sub-basin in the northern part of the Parana Basin evolved differently from the Apucarana Sub-basin in the south. The marine environment was shallower in the Alto Garcas Sub-basin,Expand
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Evidence of west Europeandefined miospore Zones in the Uppermost Devonian and Lower Carboniferous of the Amazonas Basin (Brazil)
Abstract Uppermost Devonian and Lower Carboniferous miospore Zones previously defined in western Europe areidentified in a borehole in the Amazonas Basin in Brazil. They range with some discontinuityExpand
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Late Carboniferous – Early Permian (Ghzelian – Artinskian) Palynomorphs
The preliminary results of the palynological investigations in the Late Carboniferous – Early Permian of Northeast Libya indicate that at least two successive intervals can be readily recognised:Expand
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Middle Devonian to Lower Carboniferous miospore stratigraphy in the Central Parnaiba Basin (Brazil)
Les assemblages de miospores provenant d'echantillons de trois sondages fores par Petrobras dans la partie centrale du Bassin du Parnaiba sont etudies. Ils s'etagent de sediments marins d'âgeExpand
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Reassessment of Viséan Miospore biostratigraphy in the Amazon basin, northern Brazil.
Abstract A late Visean age within the late Holkerian–early Brigantian time span (TC–VF zonal range) is proposed for the highest, shalier, transgressive part of the Faro Formation in well 2-LF-1-AMExpand
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