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A drought-induced pervasive increase in tree mortality across Canada's boreal forests
Drought-induced forest dieback has emerged as a global concern and is expected to increase worldwide under projected future climate change. A study using long-term forest plots now provides aExpand
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CTFS-ForestGEO: a worldwide network monitoring forests in an era of global change.
Global change is impacting forests worldwide, threatening biodiversity and ecosystem services including climate regulation. Understanding how forests respond is critical to forest conservation andExpand
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Consensus Forecasting of Species Distributions: The Effects of Niche Model Performance and Niche Properties
Ensemble forecasting is advocated as a way of reducing uncertainty in species distribution modeling (SDM). This is because it is expected to balance accuracy and robustness of SDM models. However,Expand
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Temperate and boreal forest mega‐fires: characteristics and challenges
Mega-fires are often defined according to their size and intensity but are more accurately described by their socioeconomic impacts. Three factors – climate change, fire exclusion, and antecedentExpand
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Economical assessment of forest ecosystem services in China: Characteristics and implications
Abstract China is an important country in the world in terms of forestry and the function of its forest ecosystem. It is an essential issue to account the value of the forest ecosystem servicesExpand
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Variations of carbon stock with forest types in subalpine region of southwestern China
Abstract Subalpine forests in southwestern China were exploited extensively in the second half of the 20th century. Old growth forests (OGFs) dominated by firs had largely been replaced by spruceExpand
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Managing planted forests for multiple uses under a changing environment in China
BackgroundPlanted forests are expanding throughout the world, and now account for 7% of global forest cover and provide more than 60% of global industrial round wood. Negative ecological and socialExpand
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Summer rain pulse size and rainwater uptake by three dominant desert plants in a desertified grassland ecosystem in northwestern China
To examine the different effects of rain pulse size on uptake of summer rains by three dominant desert plants in field conditions of desertified grasslands on the Ordos Plateau of northwestern China,Expand
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Relating microbial community structure to functioning in forest soil organic carbon transformation and turnover
Forest soils store vast amounts of terrestrial carbon, but we are still limited in mechanistic understanding on how soil organic carbon (SOC) stabilization or turnover is controlled by biotic andExpand
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Effects of tree species mixture on soil organic carbon stocks and greenhouse gas fluxes in subtropical plantations in China
Indigenous broadleaf plantations are increasingly being developed as a prospective silvicultural app roach for substituting coniferous plantations in subtropical China. Three plantations ofExpand
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