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Simultaneous Bilateral Carotid Stenting in High-Risk Patients
There was no significant difference in outcome at 6 months following stent placement between SBCas and unilateral CAS in the high-risk patient group, even though HPS occurred more commonly after SBCAS. Expand
Comparison of clinicopathological features and prognosis of gastric cancer located in the lesser and greater curve
Tumor location was not a risk factor for the prognosis of gastric cancer by univariate and multivariate analysis and the postoperative complications and prognoses were comparable between tumors located in the lesser and greater curve. Expand
Landmark-Wire Technique of Symptomatic Subclavian Artery Occlusion
The landmark-wire technique to be safe and effective for reopening completely occluded subclavian arteries and a technique in which a protective device can be safely used throughout the stenting procedure are introduced. Expand
Energy-delay region of low duty cycle wireless sensor networks for critical data collection
We investigate the trade-off between energy consumption and delay for critical data collection in low duty cycle wireless sensor networks, where a causality constraint exists for routing and linkExpand