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On the dichotomy in auditory perception between temporal envelope and fine structure cues.
  • F. Zeng, K. Nie, +4 authors H. Chen
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 7 September 2004
It is important to know what cues the sensory system extracts from natural stimuli and how the brain uses them to form perception. To explore this issue, Smith, Delgutte, and Oxenham [Nature (London)Expand
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Speech perception in individuals with auditory neuropathy.
  • F. Zeng, S. Liu
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of speech, language, and hearing research…
  • 1 April 2006
PURPOSE Speech perception in participants with auditory neuropathy (AN) was systematically studied to answer the following 2 questions: Does noise present a particular problem for people with AN? CanExpand
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Multiresolution detection of spiculated lesions in digital mammograms
We present a novel multiresolution scheme for the detection of spiculated lesions in digital mammograms. Expand
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Tailoring directional scattering through magnetic and electric resonances in subwavelength silicon nanodisks.
Interference of optically induced electric and magnetic modes in high-index all-dielectric nanoparticles offers unique opportunities for tailoring directional scattering and engineering the flow ofExpand
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Robust Transceiver Design for K-Pairs Quasi-Static MIMO Interference Channels via Semi-Definite Relaxation
In this paper, we propose a robust transceiver design for the K-pair quasi-static MIMO interference channel. Expand
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Clear speech perception in acoustic and electric hearing.
We analyzed global acoustic properties of clear and conversational speech from two talkers and measured their speech intelligibility over a wide range of signal-to-noise ratios in acoustic and electric hearing. Expand
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EnhancerAtlas: a resource for enhancer annotation and analysis in 105 human cell/tissue types
We developed an interactive database, EnhancerAtlas, which contains an atlas of 2,534,123 enhancers for 105 cell/tissue types. Expand
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Blockchain-Based Data Preservation System for Medical Data
We propose a novel blockchain-based data preservation system for medical data that provides a reliable data storage solution that guarantees the stored data will not be tampered with, verifies the validity of data, and ensures privacy for users. Expand
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A novel six-component force sensor of good measurement isotropy and sensitivities
Abstract In this work, a novel six-component force sensor with its force-sensing member in the form of four identical T-shaped bars is presented. The force-sensing member is subjected to finiteExpand
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Techniques for minimizing power consumption in low data-rate wireless sensor networks
We have devised several novel techniques for minimizing power consumption in wireless sensor networks. Expand
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