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Adaptive coding and modulation for satellite broadband networks: From theory to practice
This paper presents the detailed design and the key system performance results of a comprehensive laboratory demonstrator for a broadband Ka-band multi-beam satellite system exploiting the new DVB-S2 standard with adaptive coding and modulation (ACM). Expand
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Performance Validation of the DVB-SH Standard for Satellite/Terrestrial Hybrid Mobile Broadcasting Networks
The recently introduced Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite to Handheld standard (DVB-SH) allows for digital broadcasting service provision to small mobile terminals in satellite/terrestrial hybrid networks. Expand
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In-service SNR estimation without symbol timing recovery for QPSK data transmission systems
In this paper we show that it is possible to have in–service SNR estimators independent of both carrier and symbol timing phase. Expand
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Mobile satellite reception with DVB-SH receiver architecture and performance
SUMMARY Within the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) family of standards, DVB-SH (satellite to handheld devices) is the first standard for a hybrid system offering parallel reception of satellite and terrestrial signals. Expand
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On Distributed Resource Allocation in Fully Meshed Satellite Networks
In this paper we describe the adaptive and flexible resource allocation mechanism of MoSaKa which is distributed among the physical layer, data link layer and network layer. Expand
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Two phases for signaling transmission data stream
Method for assembling a data stream, comprising: generating (1102) a plurality of frame headers, PLH, each frame comprising one of the frame headers and data (1236a, 1236b) payload, wherein the header superframe indicates a set of parameters (1216) transmission header constant frame superframe for frame headers of the plurality of frames of the superframe. Expand