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Democracy and Elections in Africa
This volume studies elections as a core institution of liberal democracy in the context of newly democratizing countries. Political scientist Staffan I. Lindberg gathers data from every nationallyExpand
Mapping accountability: core concept and subtypes
The recent surge in popularity of ‘accountability’ in public administration and international development seems in part divorced from centuries of conceptual and empirical work done in relatedExpand
Democratization by elections : a new mode of transition
Contested, multiparty elections are conventionally viewed as either an indicator of the start of democracy or a measure of its quality. In practice, the role that elections play in the transitionExpand
The Surprising Significance of African Elections
In a time when a greater part of the world hails elections as the hallmark of democracy, skepticism of their true value has severely increased in the academic community. Building on an analysis ofExpand
'It's Our Time to "Chop"': Do Elections in Africa Feed Neo-Patrimonialism rather than Counter-Act It?
This article addresses the concern that democratization may contribute to the reproduction of neo-patrimonialism, rather than to counteract it. The article reports the result of a survey amongExpand
What accountability pressures do MPs in Africa face and how do they respond? Evidence from Ghana*
  • S. Lindberg
  • Economics
  • The Journal of Modern African Studies
  • 10 January 2010
ABSTRACT How African politicians, especially legislators, behave on a daily basis is still largely unknown. This article gives a unique empirical account of the daily accountability pressures and theExpand
Are African Voters Really Ethnic or Clientelistic? Survey Evidence from Ghana
This article explores voting behavior in one of Africa's new democracies. Recognizing that much of the literature assumes African political behavior to be subsumed in ethnic ties and clientelism, weExpand
Institutionalization of Party Systems? Stability and Fluidity among Legislative Parties in Africa's Democracies
  • S. Lindberg
  • Economics
  • Government and Opposition
  • 12 September 2007
Abstract Using Sartori's and Mainwaring and Scully's work on consolidation and institutionalization of party systems as touchstones, this article analyses the evolution of party systems with regardExpand
V-Dem: A New Way to Measure Democracy
In the last few decades, Western governments have spent huge sums of money to promote democracy abroad. We do not know which, if any, of these programs actually work. If we cannot measure democracyExpand
Measuring high level democratic principles using the V-Dem data
While the definition of extended conceptions of democracy has been widely discussed, the measurement of these constructs has not attracted similar attention. In this article we present new measuresExpand