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Model-based variance-stabilizing transformation for Illumina microarray data
Variance stabilization is a step in the preprocessing of microarray data that can greatly benefit the performance of subsequent statistical modeling and inference. Due to the often limited number ofExpand
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Using the bioconductor GeneAnswers package to interpret gene lists.
Use of microarray data to generate expression profiles of genes associated with disease can aid in identification of markers of disease and potential therapeutic targets. Pathway analysis methodsExpand
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Methods of microarray data analysis : papers from CAMDA
Contributors. Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction. An Introduction to DNA Microarrays P. McConnell, et al. Experimental Design for Gene Microarray Experiments and Differential Expression AnalysisExpand
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Graph Embedding on Biomedical Networks: Methods, Applications, and Evaluations
MOTIVATION Graph embedding learning which aims to automatically learn low-dimensional node representations, has drawn increasing attention in recent years. To date, most recent graph embeddingExpand
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SeqHBase: a big data toolset for family based sequencing data analysis
Background Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and whole-exome sequencing (WES) technologies are increasingly used to identify disease-contributing mutations in human genomic studies. It can be aExpand
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Mining biomedical data using MetaMap Transfer (MMtx) and the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS).
Detailed instruction is described for mapping unstructured, free text data into common biomedical concepts (drugs, diseases, anatomy, and so on) found in the Unified Medical Language System usingExpand
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Call to work together on microarray data analysis
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Interpreting microarray results with gene ontology and MeSH.
Methods are described to take a list of genes generated from a microarray experiment and interpret these results using various tools and ontologies. A workflow is described that details how toExpand
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Oncogenic Ras blocks cell cycle progression and inhibits p34cdc2 kinase in activated Xenopus egg extracts.
The effect of purified, bacterially expressed human RasH proteins on embryonic cell cycle progression in activated Xenopus egg extracts was studied. Bacterially expressed human oncogenic RasH proteinExpand
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Other riffs on cooperation are already showing how well a wiki could work
are already showing how well a wiki could work SIR — Barend Mons’s Wiki for Professionals at www.wikiprofessional.info is among the first open collaborative databases to use the wiki format inExpand
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