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Mammalian TOR complex 2 controls the actin cytoskeleton and is rapamycin insensitive
The target of rapamycin (TOR) is a highly conserved protein kinase and a central controller of cell growth. In budding yeast, TOR is found in structurally and functionally distinct protein complexes:Expand
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Transplantation and in vivo imaging of multilineage engraftment in zebrafish bloodless mutants
The zebrafish is firmly established as a genetic model for the study of vertebrate blood development. Here we have characterized the blood-forming system of adult zebrafish. Each major blood lineageExpand
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Visualization of monoaminergic neurons and neurotoxicity of MPTP in live transgenic zebrafish.
We describe an enhancer trap transgenic zebrafish line, ETvmat2:GFP, in which most monoaminergic neurons are labeled by green fluorescent protein (GFP) during embryonic development. The reporter geneExpand
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TALEN-mediated precise genome modification by homologous recombination in zebrafish
We report gene targeting via homologous recombination in zebrafish. We co-injected fertilized eggs with transcription activator–like effector nuclease mRNAs and a donor vector with long homologousExpand
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Characterization of embryonic globin genes of the zebrafish.
Hemoglobin switching is a complex process by which distinct globin chains are produced during stages of development. In an effort to characterize the process of hemoglobin switching in the zebrafishExpand
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Pituitary corticotroph ontogeny and regulation in transgenic zebrafish.
We characterized zebrafish proopiomelanocortin (POMC) gene promoter, and sequence analysis revealed that the promoter contains regulatory elements conserved among vertebrate species. To monitor theExpand
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Analysis of pancreatic development in living transgenic zebrafish embryos
Using DNA constructs containing regulatory sequences of the zebrafish Pdx-1 and insulin genes, germline transgenic zebrafish expressing the green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter gene in theExpand
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Zebrafish Models for Dyskeratosis Congenita Reveal Critical Roles of p53 Activation Contributing to Hematopoietic Defects through RNA Processing
Dyskeratosis congenita (DC) is a rare bone marrow failure syndrome in which hematopoietic defects are the main cause of mortality. The most studied gene responsible for DC pathogenesis is DKC1 whileExpand
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Cloned zebrafish by nuclear transfer from long-term-cultured cells
Although mammals have been cloned from genetically manipulated cultured cells, a comparable achievement has not been realized in lower vertebrates. Here we report that fertile transgenic zebrafishExpand
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Stimulation of erythropoiesis by inhibiting a new hematopoietic death receptor in transgenic zebrafish
Stimulation of erythropoiesis by inhibiting a new hematopoietic death receptor in transgenic zebrafish
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