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Path Dependence, Lock-In, and History
Do economies and markets make remediable errors in the choice of products? Does the economy "lock-in" to these incorrect choices even when the knowledge that these choices are incorrect is readilyExpand
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Network externality : an uncommon tragedy
Economists have defined 'network externality' and have examined putative inframarginal market failures associated with it. This paper distinguishes between network effects and network externalities,Expand
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Copying and Indirect Appropriability: Photocopying of Journals
  • S. Liebowitz
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 October 1985
Creators and owners of intellectual properties are alarmed by the growth of technologies that ease the tasks of copying these properties. This paper, however, shows that the unauthorized copying ofExpand
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File Sharing: Creative Destruction or Just Plain Destruction?*
  • S. Liebowitz
  • Economics, Business
  • The Journal of Law and Economics
  • 1 April 2006
The sharing of sound recordings over the Internet is the newest controversy in a long-running battle between copyright owners and copying technologies. In order to provide some context, perspective,Expand
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Assessing the Relative Impacts of Economic Journals
A CADEMIC JOURNALS have played an increasingly important role in the dissemination of scientific information throughout this century, particularly during the last decade.1 This fact is no less trueExpand
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The Fable of the Keys
This paper examines the history of the QWERTY typewriter keyboard, often put forward as the archetypical case of markets choosing the wrong standard. Contrary to the claims made by Paul David andExpand
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Will Mp3 Downloads Annihilate the Record Industry? The Evidence so Far
This paper investigates the impact of unauthorized downloading of MP3 files on the recording industry. Although the no longer extant Napster was the most famous system used for such downloading, itsExpand
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Research Note - Testing File Sharing's Impact on Music Album Sales in Cities
  • S. Liebowitz
  • Business, Computer Science
  • Manag. Sci.
  • 1 April 2008
Using a data set including album sales, Internet penetration, and various demographic measures for 99 American cities over the period 1998--2003, this paper empirically examines the extent to which file sharing has caused the U.S. decline in sound-recording sales over that period. Expand
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Determinants of New Product Development Team Performance: A Meta‐analytic Review
New product development (NPD) has become a critical determinant of firm performance. There is a considerable body of research examining the factors that influence a firm's ability to successfullyExpand
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, Vol. 17 1995, Pp. 1-22 S. J. Liebowitz Stephen E. Margolis S. J. Liebowitz: Management School, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas 75083 Stephen E. Margolis: Department of Economics,Expand
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