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MyD88: an adapter that recruits IRAK to the IL-1 receptor complex.
IL-1 is a proinflammatory cytokine that signals through a receptor complex of two different transmembrane chains to generate multiple cellular responses, including activation of the transcriptionExpand
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Immune response in Stat2 knockout mice.
Type I IFNs induce gene expression through Stat1 and Stat2, which can in turn associate either to form Stat1 homodimers or the transcription factor ISGF-3. Stat1 homodimers also transduce signals forExpand
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Artificial Intelligence Forecasting of Covid-19 in China
BACKGROUND An alternative to epidemiological models for transmission dynamics of Covid-19 in China, we propose the artificial intelligence (AI)-inspired methods for real-time forecasting of Covid-19Expand
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The Response Regulator PhoP Is Important for Survival under Conditions of Macrophage-Induced Stress and Virulence in Yersinia pestis
ABSTRACT The two-component regulatory system PhoPQ has been identified in many bacterial species. However, the role of PhoPQ in regulating virulence gene expression in pathogenic bacteria has beenExpand
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Construction and characterization of a Yersinia enterocolitica O:8 high-temperature requirement (htrA) isogenic mutant.
The high-temperature requirement (HtrA) family of stress response proteins are induced by different environmental stress conditions in a variety of bacteria and have been shown to contribute to theExpand
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High frequency of extrapair fertilization in a plural breeding bird, the Mexican jay, revealed by DNA microsatellites
We used tetra-nucleotide microsatellite DNA typing to estimate the frequency of extrapair fertilization (EPF) in a plural breeding species, the Mexican jay, Aphelocoma ultramarina, in Arizona. WeExpand
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A DNA sequence polymorphism, revealed by digestion of genomic DNA with the endonuclease Xba1 and hybridisation with a complementary DNA clone for a human glucose transporter, yields two allelesExpand
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Construction and characterisation of a Yersinia enterocolitica O:8 ompR mutant.
The ompR-envZ two-component regulatory system has been shown to contribute to virulence in a number of enteric bacterial pathogens. A Yersinia enterocolitica O:8 ompR homologue was amplified, clonedExpand
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Elevated levels of RanBP7 mRNA in colorectal carcinoma are associated with increased proliferation and are similar to the transcription pattern of the proto-oncogene c-myc.
We have used suppression subtractive hybridisation, "in silico" cloning and reverse Northern dot blot analysis to identify significant up-regulation of RanBP7 transcription in a human colorectalExpand
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Forecasting and evaluating intervention of Covid-19 in the World
When the Covid-19 pandemic enters dangerous new phase, whether and when to take aggressive public health interventions to slow down the spread of COVID-19. To develop the artificial intelligence (AI)Expand
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