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Radiative transfer modeling for quantifying lunar surface minerals, particle size, and submicroscopic metallic Fe
[1] The main objective of this work is to quantify lunar surface minerals (agglutinate, clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, plagioclase, olivine, ilmenite, and volcanic glass), particle sizes, and theExpand
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Effects of Near-Fault Motions and Artificial Pulse-Type Ground Motions on Super-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Systems
AbstractThis paper evaluates the seismic responses of a super-span cable-stayed bridge subjected to near-fault ground motions. A new method, record-decomposition incorporation (RDI), is proposed toExpand
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Dynamic Brazilian Test of Rock Under Intermediate Strain Rate: Pendulum Hammer-Driven SHPB Test and Numerical Simulation
The tensile strength of rock subjected to dynamic loading constitutes many engineering applications such as rock drilling and blasting. The dynamic Brazilian test of rock specimens was conducted withExpand
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Molecular beam epitaxy of phase pure cubic InN
Cubic InN layers were grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy on 3C-SiC (001) substrates at growth temperatures from 419to490°C. X-ray diffraction investigations show that the layers haveExpand
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Analysis of pressure field generated by a collapsing bubble
Abstract This paper is concerned with the dynamic pressure induced by a collapsing bubble, based on the potential flow theory coupled with the boundary element method. The pressure is calculatedExpand
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Modelling urban traffic dynamics based upon the variational formulation of kinematic waves
This paper presents a dynamic traffic modelling framework based on the variational formulation of kinematic waves. Expand
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Reduced convergence within the Tibetan Plateau by 26 Ma
Understanding the dynamics of double-thickening and uplifting of the Tibetan crust requires constraints on the magnitude and timing of crustal shortening. New elongation/inclination (E/I)-correctedExpand
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An Investigation into Added Resistance of Vessels Advancing in Waves
The hydrodynamic forces and motions of ship advancing in waves are estimated by using 3D frequency domain potential flow theories. The 3D translating and pulsating (3DTP) source panel method isExpand
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Disorder-induced nonlinear Hall effect with time-reversal symmetry
The nonlinear Hall effect has opened the door towards deeper understanding of topological states of matter. Disorder plays indispensable roles in various linear Hall effects, such as the localizationExpand
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Solute dispersion under electric and pressure driven flows; pore scale processes
Solute dispersion is one of the major mixing mechanisms in transport through porous media, originating from velocity variations at different scales, starting from the pore scale. Different drivingExpand
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