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Experimental realization of two-dimensional boron sheets.
A variety of two-dimensional materials have been reported in recent years, yet single-element systems such as graphene and black phosphorus have remained rare. Boron analogues have been predicted, asExpand
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Repeated Remote Ischemic Postconditioning Protects Against Adverse Left Ventricular Remodeling and Improves Survival in a Rat Model of Myocardial Infarction
Rationale: Remote ischemic conditioning induced by repeated episodes of transient limb ischemia is a clinically applicable method for protecting the heart against injury at the time of reperfusion.Expand
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TORC1 Regulates Activity-Dependent CREB-Target Gene Transcription and Dendritic Growth of Developing Cortical Neurons
CREB-target gene transcription during neuronal excitation is important for many aspects of neuronal development and function, including dendrite morphogenesis. However, the signaling events thatExpand
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Structures, biogenesis, and biological activities of pyrano[4,3-c]isochromen-4-one derivatives from the Fungus Phellinus igniarius.
Further chemical investigation of the Chinese medicinal fungus Phellinus igniarius has resulted in the isolation and structural elucidation of three pyrano[4,3-c]isochromen-4-one derivatives,Expand
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The effect of humic acids on the availability of phosphorus fertilizers in alkaline soils
. The effect of humic acids on transformation of phosphorus fertilizer was studied in an alkaline soil. Soil P was fractionated following 4 and 15 days incubation after humic acids were applied withExpand
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Reduction in horizontal transfer of conjugative plasmid by UV irradiation and low-level chlorination.
The widespread presence of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) in the drinking water system facilitates their horizontal gene transfer among microbiota. In thisExpand
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Sesquiterpenes from the red alga Laurencia tristicha.
Seven new sesquiterpenes (1-7), together with seven known sesquiterpenes, aplysin (8), aplysinol (9), gossonorol (10), 7,10-epoxy-ar-bisabol-11-ol (11), 10-epi-7,10-epoxy-ar-bisabol-11-ol (12),Expand
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Phelligridimer A, a highly oxygenated and unsaturated 26-membered macrocyclic metabolite with antioxidant activity from the fungus Phellinus igniarius.
[structure: see text] A highly oxygenated and unsaturated 26-membered macrocyclic metabolite, phelligridimer A (1), has been isolated from the Chinese medicinal fungus Phellinus igniarius. ItsExpand
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Hardware/Software Partitioning Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm
To solve the hardware/software(HW/SW) partitioning problem on the system that contains only one CPU, a new algorithm based on GA is studied. Expand
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Mono-, Bi-, and triphenanthrenes from the tubers of Cremastra appendiculata.
  • Zhen Xue, S. Li, +4 authors L. He
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of natural products
  • 17 May 2006
Six newphenanthrene derivatives, including three monophenanthrenes (1-3), two biphenanthrenes (4 and 5), and a triphenanthrene (6), have been isolated from an ethanolic extract of the tubers ofExpand
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