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Endohedral and exohedral metalloborospherenes: M@B40 (M=Ca, Sr) and M&B40 (M=Be, Mg).
The recent discovery of the all-boron fullerenes or borospherenes, D(2d) B40(-/0), paves the way for borospherene chemistry. Here we report a density functional theory study on the viability ofExpand
Wideband Gain Enhancement and RCS Reduction of Fabry–Perot Resonator Antenna With Chessboard Arranged Metamaterial Superstrate
The simultaneous improvement in radiation and scattering performance of an antenna is normally considered as contradictory. In this paper, wideband gain enhancement and radar cross section (RCS)Expand
Development and application of vortex-assisted membrane extraction based on metal-organic framework mixed-matrix membrane for the analysis of estrogens in human urine.
A vortex-assisted membrane extraction (VA-ME) method based on several metal-organic framework mixed-matrix membranes (MOF-MMMs) was firstly developed and applied for the analysis of four estrogens inExpand
Seasonal characterization of CDOM for lakes in semiarid regions of Northeast China using excitation–emission matrix fluorescence and parallel factor analysis (EEM–PARAFAC)
Abstract. The seasonal characteristics of fluorescent components in chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) for lakes in the semiarid region of Northeast China were examined byExpand
The transcription factor TFCP2L1 induces expression of distinct target genes and promotes self-renewal of mouse and human embryonic stem cells
TFCP2L1 (transcription factor CP2-like 1) is a transcriptional regulator critical for maintaining mouse and human embryonic stem cell (ESC) pluripotency. However, the direct TFCP2L1 target genes areExpand
Lower3H-paroxetine binding in cerebral cortex of suicide victims is partly due to fewer high affinity, non-transporter sites
SummarySuicide has been associated with decreased serotonin transmission. Measurement of concentrations of serotonin, its precursors tryptophan (TRY) and 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and itsExpand
Two-dimensional carbon allotropes from graphene to graphyne
Graphene has attracted tremendous interest due to its extraordinary electrical, thermal, and physical properties. The graphynes are widely investigated for their variety of structures and electricalExpand
Targeted Delivery of LXR Agonist Using a Site-Specific Antibody-Drug Conjugate.
Liver X receptor (LXR) agonists have been explored as potential treatments for atherosclerosis and other diseases based on their ability to induce reverse cholesterol transport and suppressExpand
Proanthocyanidins from Grape Seeds Modulate the NF-κB Signal Transduction Pathways in Rats with TNBS-Induced Ulcerative Colitis
Abstract To elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in the therapeutic effects of proanthocyanidins from grape seeds (GSPE), we explore whether GSPE regulates the inflammatory response ofExpand
Spatiotemporal Characterization of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and CDOM-DOC Relationships for Highly Polluted Rivers
Spectral characteristics of CDOM (Chromophoric dissolved organic matter) in water columns are a key parameter for bio-optical modeling. Knowledge of CDOM optical properties and spatial discrepancyExpand