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Some Basic Cryptographic Requirements for Chaos-Based Cryptosystems
The suggested guidelines address three main issues: implementation, key management and security analysis, aiming at assisting designers of new cryptosystems to present their work in a more systematic and rigorous way to fulfill some basic cryptographic requirements.
The Konstanz natural video database (KoNViD-1k)
KoNViD-1k is reported on, a subjectively annotated VQA database consisting of 1,200 public-domain video sequences, fairly sampled from a large public video dataset, YFCC100m, aimed at ‘in the wild’ authentic distortions.
Pseudo-random Bit Generator Based on Couple Chaotic Systems and Its Applications in Stream-Cipher Cryptography
A novel pseudo-random bit generator based on a couple of chaotic systems called CCS-PRBG is presented, and detailed theoretical analyses show that it has perfect cryptographic properties, and can be used to construct stream cipher with higher security than other chaotic ciphers.
Cryptanalysis of a chaotic image encryption method
  • S. Li, Xuan Zheng
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and…
  • 7 August 2002
This paper points out CKBA is very weak to the chosen/known-plaintext attack with only one plain-image, and its security to brute-force ciphertext-only attack is overestimated by the authors.
On the Dynamical Degradation of Digital Piecewise Linear Chaotic Maps
Some findings are reported on a new series of dynamical indicators, which can quantitatively reflect the degradation effects on a digital PWLCM realized with a fixed-point finite precision, which are applied to the performance comparison of different remedies for improving dynamical degradation.
Short Paper: Enhanced 1-D Chaotic Key-Based Algorithm for Image Encryption
This paper enhances the CKBA algorithm three-fold, changes the 1-D chaotic Logistic map to a piecewise linear chaotic map (PWLCM) to improve the balance property, increases the key size to 128 bits and adds two more cryptographic primitives.
Chaotic encryption scheme for real-time digital video
CVES can be extended to support random retrieval of cipher-video with considerable maximal time-out; the extended CVES is called RRS-CVES (Random-Retrieval-Supported CVES), which is a universal fast encryption system and can be easily extended to other real-time applications.
Analyses and New Designs of Digital Chaotic Ciphers
  • S. Li
  • Computer Science
  • 1 June 2003
This dissertation only focuses on digital chaotic ciphers, i.e., the area lying between chaos theory and pure cryptography in finite-state (digital) world, and theoretical analyses of dynamical degradation of digital chaotic systems, cryptanalyses ofdigital chaotic c iphers, and new proposals of digital Chaos cipher.
Statistical Properties of Digital Piecewise Linear Chaotic Maps and Their Roles in Cryptography and Pseudo-Random Coding
The analytic methods proposed in this paper can be essentially extended to a large number of PLCM-s, and will be valuable for the research on the performance of such maps in chaotic cryptography and pseudo-random coding.