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A late Pleistocene long pollen record from Lake Urmia, Nw Iran
A palynological study based on two 100-m long cores from Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran provides a vegetation record spanning 200 ka, the longest pollen record for the continental interior of theExpand
Development of vegetation and continental aridity in northwestern Africa during the Late Pliocene: the pollen record of ODP site 658
Abstract A 200 m long marine pollen record from ODP Site 658 (21°N, 19°W) reveals cyclic fluctuations in vegetation and continental climate in northwestern Africa from 3.7 to 1.7 Ma. These cyclesExpand
Late Quaternary palynology in marine sediments: A synthesis of the understanding of pollen distribution patterns in the NW African setting
Abstract After a review of the first steps in marine palynology, we show that the understanding of the northwest African setting is crucial to evaluate the potential of marine palynological studiesExpand
New organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts from recent sediments of Central Asian seas
Sea-surface data from these Central Asian seas suggests that the two new taxa C. rugosum and I. caspienense are probably related to low salinity conditions (12–13). Expand
Vegetation history and climate fluctuations on a transect along the Dead Sea west shore and their impact on past societies over the last 3500 years.
Abstract This study represents the vegetation history of the last 3500 years and conducts an analysis of the climatic fluctuations on a 75 km long transect on the western Dead Sea shore.Expand
Natural and anthropogenic forest fires recorded in the Holocene pollen record from a Jinchuan peat bog, northeastern China
Abstract Pollen and charcoal particles from a Jinchuan peat (northeastern China) were examined to investigate the fire origin and interaction between climate, vegetation, fire and human activityExpand
Abstract The present Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary is at the top of the Olduvai normal subchron. Many data now favour the lowering of the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary to the Gauss-Matuyama reversal.Expand
Marine palynology of the ODP site 658 (N-W Africa) and its contribution to the stratigraphy of Late Pliocene
Abstract A relatively high resolution pollen analysis (a sample each ca 5 ka) has been made on ODP site 658, off Cap Blanc, N-W Africa. In the same cores detailed palaeomagnetism, biostratigraphy,Expand