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Thermal transport in low dimensions : from statistical physics to nanoscale heat transfer
Heat transport in low dimensions: introduction and phenomenology.- Heat transport in harmonic systems.- Fluctuating hydrodynamics approach to equilibrium time correlations for anharmonic chains.-
Heat Conduction in Chains of Nonlinear Oscillators
The approach to nonequilibrium statistical mechanicsthrough the introduction of microscopically time-reversible models has been shown to be rather powerfulin the context of many-particle dynamics
Asymmetric wave propagation in nonlinear systems.
A class of exact extended solutions is constructed such that waves with the same frequency and incident amplitude impinging from left and right directions have very different transmission coefficients.
Experimental and theoretical investigation of statistical regimes in random laser emission
We present a theoretical and experimental study aimed at characterizing statistical regimes in a random laser. Both the theoretical simulations and the experimental results show the possibility of
A stochastic model of anomalous heat transport: analytical solution of the steady state
We consider a one-dimensional harmonic crystal with conservative noise, in contact with two stochastic Langevin heat baths at different temperatures. The noise term consists of collisions between
Density profiles in open superdiffusive systems.
  • S. Lepri, A. Politi
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2 December 2010
A discretized model of Lévy random walks on a finite one-dimensional domain with a reflection coefficient r and in the presence of sources reproduces the temperature profiles obtained for a chain of oscillators displaying anomalous heat conduction.
Transmission thresholds in time-periodically driven nonlinear disordered systems
We study energy propagation in locally time-periodically driven disordered nonlinear chains. For frequencies inside the band of linear Anderson modes, three different regimes are observed with
On the anomalous thermal conductivity of one-dimensional lattices
The divergence of the thermal conductivity in the thermodynamic limit is thoroughly investigated. The divergence law is consistently determined with two different numerical approaches based on