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Adaptive Beat-to-Beat Heart Rate Estimation in Ballistocardiograms
We present a novel algorithm for the detection of individual heart beats and beat-to-beat interval lengths in ballistocardiograms from healthy subjects. Expand
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Characterization of textile electrodes and conductors using standardized measurement setups.
Textile electrodes and conductors are being developed and used in different monitoring scenarios, such as ECG or bioimpedance spectroscopy measurements. Compared to standard materials, conductiveExpand
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Chest electrical impedance tomography examination, data analysis, terminology, clinical use and recommendations: consensus statement of the TRanslational EIT developmeNt stuDy group
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) has undergone 30 years of development. Functional chest examinations with this technology are considered clinically relevant, especially for monitoring regionalExpand
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ECG on the Road: Robust and Unobtrusive Estimation of Heart Rate
An algorithm is presented (based on principal component analysis) to detect and discard time intervals with artifacts. Expand
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Ambient and Unobtrusive Cardiorespiratory Monitoring Techniques
Monitoring vital signs through unobtrusive means is a goal which has attracted a lot of attention in the past decade. This review provides a systematic and comprehensive review over the current stateExpand
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Automatic Step Detection in the Accelerometer Signal
In this paper, three algorithms (Pan-Tompkins method, template matching method and peak detection based on combined dual-axial signals) are detailed described for automatic step detection in accelerometer signal. Expand
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Robust inter-beat interval estimation in cardiac vibration signals.
We propose a new flexible algorithm for the robust estimation of local (beat-to-beat) intervals from cardiac vibration signals, specifically ballistocardiograms (BCGs), recorded by an unobtrusive bed-mounted sensor. Expand
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Wireless and Non-contact ECG Measurement System – the “Aachen SmartChair”
This publication describes a measurement system that obtains an electrocardiogram (ECG) by capacitively coupled electrodes. For demonstration purposes, this measurement system was integrated into anExpand
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Noncontact Monitoring of Cardiorespiratory Activity by Electromagnetic Coupling
In this paper, the method of noncontact monitoring of cardiorespiratory activity by electromagnetic coupling with human tissue is investigated. Expand
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Recent Advances in and Limitations of Cardiac Output Monitoring by Means of Electrical Impedance Tomography
BACKGROUND:Currently, the monitoring of cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) is mainly performed using invasive techniques. Therefore, performing CO monitoring noninvasively by means ofExpand
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