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Estimation of complex concentration in a regular associated solution
Novel procedures have been developed to estimate the concentration ofApB –type clusters in liquid alloys with the aid of regular associated solution model utilizing activity coefficients of the
The α2-to-O transformation in Ti-Al-Nb alloys
Abstract The α2-to-O transformation, with its characteristic microstructural features, occurs across the entire range of compositions in alloys based on the Ti3A1-Ti2AINb system. In this paper, we
A diffraction approach for the study of the mechanism of 3C to 6H transformation in SiC
Diffraction patterns taken from cubic silicon carbide crystals partially transformed to a 6H (ABCACB, ...) structure show the presence of characteristic diffuse streaks parallel tobic* suggesting
Influence of crystallite shape on particle size broadening of Debye-Scherrer reflections
Formulae for the Scherrer constant Kβ, the variance Scherrer constant Kω and the taper parameter Lω for crystals having the external shapes of a triangular prism, a square prism, a hexagonal prism