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Uncertainty in ensemble forecasting of species distribution
Species distribution modelling has been widely applied in order to assess the potential impacts of climate change on biodiversity. Many methodological decisions, taken during the modelling process
Applications of artificial neural networks predicting macroinvertebrates in freshwaters
This analysis revealed that the applied model training and validation methodologies can often be improved and moreover crucial steps in the modelling process are often poorly documented, so suggestions to improve model development, assessment and application in ecological river management are presented.
Conservation Strategies for Endemic Fish Species Threatened by the Three Gorges Dam
Abstract:  The largest damming project to date, the Three Gorges Dam has been built along the Yangtze River (China), the most species‐rich river in the Palearctic region. Among 162 species of fish
Use of some sensitivity criteria for choosing networks with good generalization ability
A new index is proposed for the evaluation of the sensitivity of the output of the multilayer perceptron to small input changes and a way is presented for improving these sensitivity criteria.
Climate change hastens the turnover of stream fish assemblages
It is suggested that cold headwater streams are the most numerous on the Earth's surface, and headwater species would undergo a deleterious effect of climate change, whereas downstream species would expand their range by migrating to sites located in intermediate streams or upstream.