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USNO-B is an all-sky catalog that presents positions, proper motions, magnitudes in various optical passbands, and star/galaxy estimators for 1,042,618,261 objects derived from 3,643,201,733 separateExpand
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A Survey of z > 5.8 quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey I: Discovery of three new quasars and the spatial density of luminous quasars at z ~ 6
We present the results from a survey of i-dropout objects selected from ~1550 deg2 of multicolor imaging data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to search for luminous quasars at z 5.8. Objects withExpand
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L' AND M' Photometry Of Ultracool Dwarfs
We have compiled L' (3.4?4.1 ?m) and M' (4.6?4.8 ?m) photometry of 63 single and binary M, L, and T dwarfs obtained at the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope using the Mauna Kea Observatory filterExpand
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Infrared Colors of Low-Mass Stars
Infrared IJHK photometry is presented for 322 red dwarf stars. The photometry has an estimated mean error of 3% and has been taken mainly from the literature. Where available, optical UBVR andExpand
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The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey ZY JHK photometric system: passbands and synthetic colours
The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey is a set of v e surveys of complementary combinations of area, depth, and Galactic latitude, which began in 2005 May. The surveys use the UKIRT Wide Field CameraExpand
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Near - infrared photometry and spectroscopy of L and T dwarfs: The Effects of temperature, clouds, and gravity
We present new JHK photometry on the MKO-NIR system and JHK spectroscopy for a large sample of L and T dwarfs. Photometry has been obtained for 71 dwarfs, and spectroscopy for 56. The sampleExpand
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Toward Spectral Classification of L and T Dwarfs: Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy and Analysis
We present 0.6-2.5 μm, R 400 spectra of 27 cool, low-luminosity stars and substellar objects. Based on these and previously published spectra, we develop a preliminary spectral classification systemExpand
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A Unified Near-Infrared Spectral Classification Scheme for T Dwarfs
A revised near-infrared classification scheme for T dwarfs is presented, based on and superseding prior schemes developed by Burgasser and coworkers and Geballe and coworkers, and defined followingExpand
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Preliminary Parallaxes of 40 L and T Dwarfs from the US Naval Observatory Infrared Astrometry Program
We present preliminary trigonometric parallaxes and proper motions for 22 L dwarfs and 18 T dwarfs measured using the ASTROCAM infrared imager on the US Naval Observatory (USNO) 1.55 m StrandExpand
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Photometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of Cool White Dwarfs with Trigonometric Parallax Measurements
A detailed photometric and spectroscopic analysis of cool (Teff 12,000 K) white dwarf stars is presented. The sample has been drawn from the Yale Parallax Catalog and from a proper motion survey inExpand
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