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Localized Tail States and Electron Mobility in Amorphous ZnON Thin Film Transistors
The density of localized tail states in amorphous ZnON (a-ZnON) thin film transistors (TFTs) is deduced from the measured current-voltage characteristics. The extracted values of tail state densityExpand
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Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor TFTs for Displays and Imaging
This paper reviews the mechanisms underlying visible light detection based on phototransistors fabricated using amorphous oxide semiconductor technology. Although this family of materials isExpand
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Gated three-terminal device architecture to eliminate persistent photoconductivity in oxide semiconductor photosensor arrays.
The composition of amorphous oxide semiconductors, which are well known for their optical transparency, can be tailored to enhance their absorption and induce photoconductivity for irradiation withExpand
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Selective propene epoxidation on immobilized au(6-10) clusters: the effect of hydrogen and water on activity and selectivity.
Epoxidation made easy: Subnanometer gold clusters immobilized on amorphous alumina result in a highly active and selective catalyst for propene epoxidation. The highest selectivity is found for gasExpand
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Shape-selective sieving layers on an oxide catalyst surface.
New porous materials such as zeolites, metal-organic frameworks and mesostructured oxides are of immense practical utility for gas storage, separations and heterogeneous catalysis. Their extendedExpand
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Strongly correlated perovskite fuel cells.
Fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy with high efficiencies and environmental benefits, as compared with traditional heat engines. Yttria-stabilized zirconia is perhapsExpand
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Metal oxide thin film phototransistor for remote touch interactive displays.
S.-E. Ahn Samsung Advanced Institute of TechnologySamsung Electronics CorporationsYongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do 446-712 KoreaSchool of electrical engineeringKorea UniversitySeoul 136-701, Korea Dr. I. SongExpand
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Subthreshold Schottky-barrier thin-film transistors with ultralow power and high intrinsic gain
Almost-off transistors Wearable devices and environmental sensors ideally should consume very little power to avoid the need for batteries that would have to be replaced. Lee and Nathan developed aExpand
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Transparent Semiconducting Oxide Technology for Touch Free Interactive Flexible Displays
Amorphous oxide semiconductor thin film transistors and sensors constitute fundamental building blocks for a new generation of applications ranging from interactive displays and imaging to futureExpand
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Oxygen Defect-Induced Metastability in Oxide Semiconductors Probed by Gate Pulse Spectroscopy
We investigate instability mechanisms in amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O transistors based on bias and illumination stress-recovery experiments coupled with analysis using stretched exponentials and inverseExpand
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