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Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in agricultural soils in South Korea.
The content and type of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in soils from paddy fields and upland areas in South Korea were determined using gas chromatography linked to mass spectrometry (GC-MS).Expand
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Strong Sensitivity of Pine Island Ice-Shelf Melting to Climatic Variability
Cold Glacier Growth Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica has thinned significantly during the last two decades and has provided a measurable contribution to sea-level rise as a result. Both glacierExpand
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Mechanisms driving variability in the ocean forcing of Pine Island Glacier
Pine Island Glacier (PIG) terminates in a rapidly melting ice shelf, and ocean circulation and temperature are implicated in the retreat and growing contribution to sea level rise of PIG and nearbyExpand
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Recent phytoplankton productivity of the northern Bering Sea during early summer in 2007
Although the northern Bering Sea is one of the most productive regions in the northern North Pacific Ocean and currently considered a declining productivity region, no recent primary productivityExpand
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Estimation of Paddy Rice Evapotranspiration Considering Climate Change Using LARS-WG
Climate change due to global warming possibly effects the agricultural water use in terms of evapotranspiration. Thus, to estimate rice evapotranspiration under the climate change, future climateExpand
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Lack of dose response by dietary n-3 fatty acids at a constant ratio of n-3 to n-6 fatty acids in suppressing eicosanoid biosynthesis from arachidonic acid.
This study evaluated whether it is the ratio of n-3 to n-6 fatty acids or the absolute amount of n-3 fatty acids in diets that determines the degree of inhibition of eicosanoid biosynthesis fromExpand
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Sedimentary fluxes of 90Sr, 137Cs, 239,240Pu and 210Pb in the East Sea (Sea of Japan).
Sediment cores collected from the deep basins of the East Sea (Sea of Japan) provide an ongoing and historical record of artificial radionuclides contamination into one of the most highly publicizedExpand
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Phytoplankton productivity and its response to higher light levels in the Canada Basin
Phytoplankton productivity in the Canada Basin was measured in the late summer season, from mid-September to mid-October 2009, using a 13C–15N dual tracer technique. To understand potentialExpand
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Similarity Computation of Fuzzy Membership Function Pairs with Similarity Measure
The similarity computations for fuzzy membership function pairs are carried out. Expand
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Large seasonal variation in phytoplankton production in the Amundsen Sea
To better estimate annual primary production in the Amundsen Sea, which is one of the highest productivity regions in the Southern Ocean, the seasonal variations in carbon and nitrogen uptake ratesExpand
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