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Superplastic deformation of defect-free Au nanowires via coherent twin propagation.
We report that defect-free Au nanowires show superplasticity on tensile deformation. Evidences from high-resolution electron microscopes indicated that the plastic deformation proceeds layer-by-layerExpand
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Superelasticity and cryogenic linear shape memory effects of CaFe2As2
Shape memory materials have the ability to recover their original shape after a significant amount of deformation when they are subjected to certain stimuli, for instance, heat or magnetic fields.Expand
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Size Effect Suppresses Brittle Failure in Hollow Cu60Zr40 Metallic Glass Nanolattices Deformed at Cryogenic Temperatures.
To harness "smaller is more ductile" behavior emergent at nanoscale and to proliferate it onto materials with macroscale dimensions, we produced hollow-tube Cu60Zr40 metallic glass nanolattices withExpand
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Ultrahigh Elastic Strain Energy Storage in Metal-Oxide-Infiltrated Patterned Hybrid Polymer Nanocomposites.
Modulus of resilience, the measure of a material's ability to store and release elastic strain energy, is critical for realizing advanced mechanical actuation technologies inExpand
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A Study of an Ultra-Precision CNC Polishing System
For the design of an ultra-precision CNC polishing system including an on-machine measurement (OMM) system, a corrective polishing algorithm was studied. The unit removal profiles for variousExpand
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A theoretical deformation prediction of micro channels in ultra-precision machining
In ultra-precision machining for micro channels, deformation occurs with high frequency. A high aspect ratio, high cutting speed, high feed rate, etc. all lead to deformation. Several studies on theExpand
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Experiment-based statistical prediction on diamond tool wear in micro grooving NiP alloys
Abstract Diamond tool wear in grooving micro patterns on nickel alloys has caused an increase in the pattern geometry defect rate over time. Therefore, it is important to be able to understand andExpand
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Realization of a large-acceptance Faraday Cup for 3 MeV electrons
Abstract The design, construction, installation, and testing of a Faraday Cup intended to measure the current of a 3 MeV, 1  μ A electron beam is described. Built as a current monitor for a MollerExpand
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Measurement of Møller scattering at 2.5 MeV
Moller scattering is one of the most fundamental processes in QED. Understanding it to high precision is necessary for a variety of modern nuclear and particle physics experiments. In a recentExpand
Ultrahigh Elastically Compressible and Strain-Engineerable Intermetallic Compounds Under Uniaxial Mechanical Loading.
Intermetallic compounds possess unique atomic arrangements that often lead to exceptional material properties, but their extreme brittleness usually causes fracture at a limited strain of less thanExpand
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