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Role of moesin in HMGB1-stimulated severe inflammatory responses.
It is demonstrated that the HMGB1-RAGE-moesin axis can elicit severe inflammatory responses, suggesting it to be a potential target for the development of diagnostics and therapeutics for sepsis. Expand
TU-G-108-05: Assessment of Different Machine Learning Techniques for Multivariate Radiation Pneumonitis Modeling.
Preliminary results from this ongoing study suggests the need of a machine learning approach capable of modeling inter-relation between physical and biological variables where commonly used multivariate logistic regression would be inappropriate. Expand
SU-F-R-40: Robustness Test of Computed Tomography Textures of Lung Tissues to Varying Scanning Protocols Using a Realistic Phantom Environment.
Amongst the studied features, GLCM and Law's filter texture features were more robust than first-order features, however, the majority of the features were modified by either breathing phase or scanner changes, suggesting a need for calibration when retrospectively comparing scans obtained at different conditions. Expand
SU-E-T-276: Treatment Planning Strategies for Lung Injury Studies in Rat Models in 6 MV Delivery.
Clinical state-of- the-art planning and delivery techniques can be scaled down accurately to rats and despite the small size of rat model, the 6 MV VMAT delivery is superior in terms of dose conformality and sparing of the heart and the non-irradiated 50% of the lung compared to the standard, simpler, AP-PA delivery. Expand
WE-E-BRE-05: Ensemble of Graphical Models for Predicting Radiation Pneumontis Risk.
A probabilistic ensemble method to detect robust associations between RP covariates and its potential to improve RP prediction accuracy is demonstrated. Expand
Effects of acute lipopolysaccharide-induced toxemia model on some neglected blood parameters.
These parameters can be used to monitor human and animal toxemic inflammatory response induced by bacterial LPS conditions to assist in the management of the diagnosed cases and disturbs acid-base balance, blood gases, and ions. Expand