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Factors controlling the level and determination of D-amino acids in the urine and plasma of laboratory rodents
A knowledge of normal D-amino acid levels and dynamics is necessary before it is possible to identify perturbations caused by either natural or pathological conditions. Expand
One-Dimensional Silicon/PLZT Spatial Light Modulators
One-dimensional, optically addressed silicon/PLZT spatial light modulators have been fabricated and tested. A study of theoretical and measured performance, design configurations, and functionalExpand
Performance Management of Communication Networks for Computer Integrated Manufacturing
The principles of fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, and neural networks have been combined in formulating the performance management rules and for finetuning the manager to maintain an acceptable level of performance of the communication networks serving advanced manufacturing systems. Expand
Holographic Optical Elements For SLM Defect Removal And For Optical Interconnects
Holographic Optical Elements (HOE's) of space-variant impulse response have been designed and generated using a computerized optical system. HOE's made of dichromated gelatin have been produced andExpand
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of acute appendicitis
High resolution real time ultransonographical examination using graded compress ion was performed in 57 consecutive patients who were clinically suspected of acute appendicitis to improve the diagnostic accuracy, and to decline negative exploration. Expand
Reactions of Thianthrene Cation radical Perchlorate with 1-Alkyl-4-Arenesulfonylaminobenzenes
Reaction of thianthrene cation radical perchlorate (1) with 1-methyl-4-benzenesulfonylaminobenzene (10) afforded thianthrene (5), N-(4-tolyl)-N-thianthrenylbenzenesulfonamide (14),Expand