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Sexual cannibalism in the praying mantid, Mantis religiosa: a field study
Abstract The frequency of sexual cannibalism, mating behaviour and general biology of a wild population of the mantid, Mantis religiosa, were examined. Mating behaviour of wild mantids was similar toExpand
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Positional conservation and amino acids shape the correct diagnosis and population frequencies of benign and damaging personal amino acid mutations.
As the cost of DNA sequencing drops, we are moving beyond one genome per species to one genome per individual to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease by using personal genotypes.Expand
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Cocrystals of fenamic acids with nicotinamide
Cocrystal formation between nicotinamide and five fenamic acid derivative drugs (flufenamic acid, niflumic acid, tolfenamic acid, mefenamic acid and meclofenamic acid) was investigated usingExpand
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Effects of exogenous growth hormone on mammary function in lactating goats.
The galactopoietic effect of daily injections, for five day periods, of growth hormone was examined by measuring milk yield, mammary blood flow and arteriovenous differences of glucose and aminoExpand
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Design and Synthesis of Ternary Cocrystals Using Carboxyphenols and Two Complementary Acceptor Compounds
A strategy combining a ditopic hydrogen-bond donor with two different hydrogen-bond acceptor molecules is proposed for the assembly of simple trimeric building blocks used in the construction ofExpand
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Expanding the crystal landscape of isonicotinamide: concomitant polymorphism and co-crystallisation
Attempts to co-crystallise 3-arylbutanoic acid derivatives with isonicotinamide have led to co-crystals and novel polymorphs of the isonicotinamide co-former appearing under similar crystallisationExpand
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Structure-function analysis of the C-3 position in analogues of microbial behavioural modulators HHQ and PQS.
2-Heptyl-3-hydroxy-4-quinolone (PQS) and its precursor 2-heptyl-4-quinolone (HHQ) are key signalling molecules of the important nosocomial pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. We have recently reportedExpand
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Cocrystallization of Nutraceuticals
Cocrystallization has emerged over the past decade as an attractive technique for modification of the physicochemical properties of compounds used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs),Expand
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Characterisation, solubility and intrinsic dissolution behaviour of benzamide: dibenzyl sulfoxide cocrystal.
This study examined the 1:1 cocrystal benzamide:dibenzyl sulfoxide, comprising the poorly water soluble dibenzyl sulfoxide (DBSO) and the more soluble benzamide (BA), to establish if this cocrystalExpand
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Synthesis of 3-halo-analogues of HHQ, subsequent cross-coupling and first crystal structure of Pseudomonas quinolone signal (PQS)
2-Aryl- and 2-alkyl-quinolin-4-ones and their N-substituted derivatives have several important biological functions such as the Pseudomonas quinolone signal (PQS) molecule participation in quorumExpand
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