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Variability of Water Structure in the Equatorial Atlantic
Characteristics of water masses in the intermediate and deep layers of the ocean are considered. A comparative analysis of fine thermohaline structure and the main characteristics of different waterExpand
Registration of tsunamis in the open ocean
Abstract The small tsunami of February 23, 1980, which originated near the southern part of the Kuril Islands was recorded by the bottom vibrotron sensor installed on the shelf near Shikotan IslandExpand
Photosynthesis and Oxygenation of the Earth's Atmosphere
Based on the contemporary data concerning photosynthesis as a global biogeochemical mechanism of solar energy utilization and organic matter and oxygen production, the formation of photosynthesis inExpand
Use of the Data of Simultaneous Satellite Microwave Radiometric and Ship-borne Measurements for the Study of Air-Sea Interaction in the North Atlantic
A comparison of the ship-borne data obtained in the NEWFOUEX-88 and ATLANTEX-90 exper- iments from aboard the R/Vs Viktor Bugaev, Musson , and Volna in the Newfoundland energy-active zone in theExpand