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Assessing the Validity of IS Success Models: An Empirical Test and Theoretical Analysis
The purpose of the present study is to empirically and theoretically assess DeLone and McLean's (1992) and Seddon's (1997) models of information systems (IS) success in a quasi-voluntary IS useExpand
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Effect of CL-316,243, a thermogenic beta 3-agonist, on energy balance and brown and white adipose tissues in rats.
The objective was to assess the effect of a new, highly selective beta 3-adrenergic agonist, CL-316,243 (CL) (J. D. Bloom, M. D. Dutia, B. D. Johnson, A. Wissner, M. G. Burns, E. E. Largis, J. A.Expand
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Early versus delayed initiation of breastfeeding.
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that the timing of a baby's first breastfeed may influence breastfeeding duration and emotional attachment. OBJECTIVES The objective of this review was to assessExpand
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Feeding schedules in hospitals for newborn infants.
BACKGROUND Regular breastfeeding times have been thought to help establish routines and promote infant digestion, while frequent breastfeeding has been recommended to enhance breastfeeding and infantExpand
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A meta-analysis of information system success: A reconsideration of its dimensionality
Information quality, system quality (ease of use), perceived usefulness, and user satisfaction measure information system success. A meta-analysis shows only one common construct underlies theseExpand
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Sodium in hand and pump expressed human breast milk.
Sodium content was analysed in the expressed breast milk from 30 mothers. Measurements were taken up to 24 days postpartum, during which time the mothers expressed manually or by means of a pump.Expand
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WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative — educating for success
In 1991, the WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative was launched. Globally, over 12 000 hospitals are now designated as ‘Baby Friendly.’ The Baby Friendly Initiative was launched in the UK inExpand
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Oxytocin for promoting successful lactation.
BACKGROUND A rise in the concentration of oxytocin causes contraction of cells around the alveoli and milk ducts, in preparation for suckling. Lactation failure may result from insufficient oxytocin.Expand
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An empirical examination of the influence of organizational constraints on information systems development
Abstract This study examined the influence of organizational constraints on information systems (IS) development. Given its complexities and difficulties, IS development within an organizationExpand
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Interventions for influencing sleep patterns in exclusively breastfed infants.
BACKGROUND The difference between night and day may be reinforced in young babies by offering a 'focal feed' between 10pm and midnight and gradually lengthening the intervals between night-time feedsExpand
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