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She Cannot Just Sit Around Waiting to Turn Twenty
Choosing whether when and who to marry is one of the most important personal decisions that one can make. Yet in many places around the world girls and boys are forced into marriage before they’reExpand
Growth, Structural Change, and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from India
We examine the relationship between growth in labor productivity and poverty reduction through the lens of changes in the structure of output and employment. Combining state-level data from India onExpand
Caste, ‘Cleanliness’ and Cash: Effects of Caste-Based Political Reservations in Rajasthan on a Sanitation Prize
Abstract Even compared with neighbouring countries, latrine use is especially uncommon in India. How might caste – historically associated with sanitation inequality – interact with governmentExpand
Impact of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Girls’ Education and Age of Marriage in India A Process Evaluation
Women and girls in the state of Haryana in Northern India have historically been devalued from birth, considered to have a low status within their communities. This disregard for girls’ worth isExpand
Making change with cash? Impact of a conditional cash transfer program on girls education in India.
Currently 720 million women alive worldwide were child brides. Child marriage is a violation of human rights and significantly hinders development outcomes for girls. Girls married early areExpand
Water Policy Research HIGHLIGHT How Do Some Small Farmers Become Prosperous ?
questions that emerge from a synthesis of case studies of small but prosperous farmers (SPFs) who earn much more from their small holdings than their peers. We find that these farmers have access toExpand
Evaluation of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program to Enhance the Value of Girls in Northern India
150902 ICRW DelhiSynthesis.indd 1 10/15/15 11:01 AM Women and girls living in the Indian state of Haryana have historically been subject to discrimination and inequity, as demonstr ted by high ratesExpand
Making Change with Cash