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Parturition and periparturient reproductive and metabolic hormone concentrations in prenatally androgenized beef heifers.
It is concluded that PA heifers are similar to C heifer with respect to parturition and to periparturient reproductive and metabolic hormone concentrations and can be used successfully in a SCH system. Expand
Statewide collaborative curriculum project: a shared vision.
The collaborative process between industry and nursing programs was established to develop a curriculum framework that met national accreditation standards and could be used as a foundation by the PN programs for curriculum development and revision to ease the burden of individual nursing programs. Expand
Uterine secretion of prostaglandin F2 alpha in response to oxytocin in ewes: changes during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy.
The ability of oxytocin to induce uterine secretion of PGF2 alpha develops after Day 13 in nonpregnant but not in pregnant ewes, and the conceptus appears to delay and attenuate the development of uterine secretory responsiveness to Oxytocin. Expand
Effects of prenatal androgenization and postnatal steroid treatment on growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I and II, insulin, thyroxine, and triidothyronine concentrations in beef heifers.
In prepubertal beef heifers, factors in addition to increased GH and IGF-I seem to be necessary for improved growth performance. Expand
Absence of change in 17-ketosteroid excretion after x-irradiation in four male patients.
Synovex® H as a prenatal androgenizing agent in beef cattle: Effects on the implanted pregnant heifer
Weight was not affected; however, average daily gain was improved 7% by Synovex® H treatment, and calving rate and birth weight of calves born to treated heifers were improved. Expand