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Universality in the Evolution of Orientation Columns in the Visual Cortex
Orientation Columns In the brain's visual cortex, certain neurons respond to vertical lines and others to horizontal lines, with a range in between. Such orientation of neurons tends to be organizedExpand
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Age-Dependent Ocular Dominance Plasticity in Adult Mice
Background Short monocular deprivation (4 days) induces a shift in the ocular dominance of binocular neurons in the juvenile mouse visual cortex but is ineffective in adults. Recently, it has beenExpand
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Oligodendroglial NMDA Receptors Regulate Glucose Import and Axonal Energy Metabolism
Oligodendrocytes make myelin and support axons metabolically with lactate. However, it is unknown how glucose utilization and glycolysis are adapted to the different axonal energy demands. SpikingExpand
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The Perceptual Grouping Criterion of Colinearity is Reflected by Anisotropies of Connections in the Primary Visual Cortex
We show that connections in the visual cortex of the cat exhibit a highly significant anisotropy, preferentially linking neurons activated by contours that have similar orientation and are aligned colinearly. Expand
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Selection of intrinsic horizontal connections in the visual cortex by correlated neuronal activity.
In the visual cortex of the brain, long-ranging tangentially oriented axon collaterals interconnect regularly spaced clusters of cells. These connections develop after birth and attain theirExpand
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Topographic organization of the orientation column system in large flat‐mounts of the cat visual cortex: A 2‐deoxyglucose study
We developed a flat‐mount technique in order to visualize, without additional reconstruction, the system of orientation columns in the cat visual cortex by using 2‐deoxyglucose‐autoradiography.
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Optical imaging of the intrinsic signal as a measure of cortical plasticity in the mouse.
The responses of cells in the visual cortex to stimulation of the two eyes changes dramatically following a period of monocular visual deprivation (MD) during a critical period in early life. ThisExpand
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Neuroligin-4 is localized to glycinergic postsynapses and regulates inhibition in the retina
Neuroligins (NL1–NL4) are postsynaptic adhesion proteins that control the maturation and function of synapses in the central nervous system (CNS). Loss-of-function mutations in NL4 are linked to rareExpand
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Functional Specificity of Long-Range Intrinsic and Interhemispheric Connections in the Visual Cortex of Strabismic Cats
The development of both long-range intracortical and interhemispheric connections depends on visual experience. Previous experiments showed that in strabismic but not in normal cats, clusteredExpand
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Environmental enrichment extends ocular dominance plasticity into adulthood and protects from stroke-induced impairments of plasticity
Significance Experimental animals are usually raised in small, so-called standard cages, depriving them of numerous natural stimuli. We show that raising mice in an enriched environment, allowingExpand
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