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Attentional Functions in Dorsal and Ventral Simultanagnosia
Whole report of brief letter arrays is used to analyse basic attentional deficits in dorsal and ventral variants of simultanagnosia. Using Bundesen's Theory of Visual Attention (TVA), a number ofExpand
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Sustained attention, attentional selectivity, and attentional capacity across the lifespan
Changes in sustained attention, attentional selectivity, and attentional capacity were examined in a sample of 113 participants between the ages of 12 and 75. To measure sustained attention, weExpand
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Effects of attention on dichotic listening: An 15O‐PET study
The present study investigated the effect of attention on brain activation in a dichotic listening situation. Dichotic listening is a technique to study laterality effects in the auditory sensoryExpand
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Fractionating the multi-character processing deficit in developmental dyslexia: Evidence from two case studies
While there is growing evidence that some dyslexic children suffer from a deficit in simultaneously processing multiple visually displayed elements, the precise nature of the deficit remains largelyExpand
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Modeling visual attention
We present a program package that enables quantitative fits of Bundesen’s theory of visual attention to behavioral data from whole and partial report experiments. Expand
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Generalizing parametric models by introducing trial-by-trial parameter variability: The case of TVA
We identify two biases in the traditional use of Bundesen's Theory of Visual Attention (TVA) and show that they can be substantially reduced by introducing trial-by-trial variability in the model. Expand
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Attentional priorities and access to short-term memory: Parietal interactions
The intraparietal sulcus (IPS) has been implicated in selective attention as well as visual short-term memory (VSTM). Expand
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Parieto–Occipital Areas Involved in Efficient Filtering in Search: A Time Course Analysis of Visual Marking using Behavioural and Functional Imaging Procedures
Search for a colour–form conjunction target can be facilitated by presenting one set of distractors prior to the second set of distractors and the target: the preview benefit (Watson & Humphreys,Expand
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A neural theory of visual attention and short-term memory (NTVA)
The neural theory of visual attention and short-term memory (NTVA) proposed by Bundesen, Habekost, and Kyllingsbæk (2005) is reviewed. In NTVA, filtering (selection of objects) changes the number ofExpand
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Automatic attraction of attention to former targets in visual displays of letters
Shiffrin and Schneider (1977, Experiment 4d) reported that after consistent training in search for particular alphanumeric characters, presentation of one of these characters (former targets) as aExpand
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