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Exploitation of heterosis for yield and its contributing traits in tomato, Solanum lycopersicum L
Maximum and significant heterosis in favourable direction was observed for yield, fruit number, plant height and fruits per cluster in F1 hybrids of tomato derived from the crosses between 15 lines and 3 testers through line x tester technique. Expand
Influence of Drip Irrigation and Mulch on Leaf Area Maximization, Water Use Efficiency and Yield of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
  • S. Kumari
  • Environmental Science
  • 29 November 2011
This study critically assessed the influence of frequent availability of water i. e. drip irrigation and mulch on optimum leaf area development of potato that control light interception and soilExpand
Yield Response of Uniculm Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to Early and Late Application of Nitrogen: Flag Leaf Development and Senescence
Flag leaf of ‘Gigas’ wheat retained the ability to synthesize RuBPCO on induction of nitrate reductase by substrate supply at post anthesis stage and the reductions in proteolytic enzymes were coincident with loss of Chl, total soluble protein and nitrate reduction activity from the flag leaves. Expand
Development of Lassi containing aloe vera juice and its quality characteristics.
The investigation was undertaken to explore the possibilities of utilizing aloe vera juice in Lassi manufacture to improve the health benefits of product. The level of aloe vera juice was optimizedExpand
Response to dietary supplementation of L-glutamine and L-glutamate in broiler chickens reared at different stocking densities under hot, humid tropical conditions.
Dietary supplementation of AminoGut, irrespective of stocking density, had no beneficial effect on growth performance, intestinal morphology, and physiological adaptive responses of broiler chickens raised under hot and humid tropical conditions, however, AminiGut supplementation from d 1 to 42 was beneficial in reducing mortality rate. Expand
Detailed cytomorphological investigations through male meiosis of polypetalous plants from the Kashmir Himalaya
Cytomorphological studies were made on 322 populations of 150 species/153 taxa belonging to 79 genera and 23 families of flowering plants and cytomixis is found to be quite common and associated with various meiotic abnormalities in the meiocytes, which ultimately leads to pollen sterility and formation of variable sized pollen grains. Expand
An overview of chromosome and basic numbers diversity in cytologically investigated polypetalous genera from the Western Himalayas (India)
At genus level chromosomal observations show the active role of various evolutionary processes responsible for chromosomal diversity in the majority of these genera distributed in the Western Himalayas of India. Expand
Effect of different growing media and fertigation levels on production of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) under protected conditions in the hills
It is revealed that growing media M 2 comprising soil: vermicompost: sand (2:1:1) along with fertigation level F 3 @ 300 kg NPK/ha is highly suitable for growing cucumber in naturally ventilated polyhouse in mid hills of Himachal Pradesh for off-season production during August-December and February-June. Expand
Forty genotypes of tomato were evaluated for yield and various yield contributing characters. Estimates of genetic parameters revealed that genotypic and phenotypic coefficients of variation wereExpand