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Experimental Evidence of Hyperbolic Heat Conduction in Processed Meat
The objective of this paper is to present experimental evidence of the wave nature of heat propagation in processed meat and to demonstrate that the hyperbolic heat conduction model is an accurateExpand
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Imaging features of central nervous system fungal infections.
Fungal infections of the central nervous system (CNS) are rare in the general population and are invariably secondary to primary focus elsewhere, usually in the lung or intestine. Except for peopleExpand
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In vitro meat production: Challenges and benefits over conventional meat production
In vitro meat production system is the production of meat outside the food animals by culturing the stem cells derived from farm animals inside the bioreactor by using advanced tissue engineeringExpand
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Identification and characterization of segregation distortion loci along chromosome 5B in tetraploid wheat
Segregation distortion genes are widespread in plants and animals and function by their effect on competition among gametes for preferential fertilization. In this study, we evaluated the segregationExpand
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Comparison of POSSUM and P-POSSUM as Audit Tools in Patients Undergoing Emergency Laparotomy for Secondary Bacterial Peritonitis
Background : Though POSSUM and P-POSSUM have been proposed as accurate tools of audit, our initial experience has not been encouraging. Therefore, a prospective study was conducted to find theirExpand
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Central nervous system tuberculosis.
Central nervous system (CNS) tuberculosis is frequently encountered in tropical countries. Imaging plays an important role in its recognition and in its differentiation from other similar conditions.Expand
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Visualising apoptosis in live zebrafish using fluorescence lifetime imaging with optical projection tomography to map FRET biosensor activity in space and time
Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) combined with optical projection tomography (OPT) has the potential to map Förster resonant energy transfer (FRET) readouts in space and time in intactExpand
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Superconvergence of a Collocation-type Method for Hummerstein Equations
Etude de la solution numerique des equations d'Hammerstein par la methode de collation appliquee a une equation equivalente
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Bioactive peptides from egg: a review
Purpose – The aim of the article was to focus on various peptides identified in the egg and their probable application as novel ingredients in the development of functional food products. BioactiveExpand
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Magnetic Fe3O4@MgAl–LDH composite grafted with cobalt phthalocyanine as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the oxidation of mercaptans
Abstract Magnetically separable layered double hydroxide MgAl–LDH@Fe3O4 composite supported cobalt phthalocyanine catalyst was synthesized and used for the aerobic oxidation of mercaptans toExpand
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