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Statistical optimization of a thermostable and neutral glucoamylase production by a thermophilic mold Thermomucor indicae-seudaticae in solid-state fermentation
Glucoamylase production by a thermophilic mold Thermomucor indicae-seudaticae was optimized in solid-state fermentation (SSF) by conventional ‘one variable at a time approach’ and furtherExpand
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Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt (race 2) in chickpea
The inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt (race 2) of chickpea was studied in a set of three crosses, i.e. ‘WR315’בC104’ (resistant × susceptible), ‘WR315’בK850’ (resistant × tolerant) andExpand
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Heat stress induced impairment of starch mobilisation regulates pollen viability and grain yield in wheat: Study in Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains
Abstract Delayed sowing of spring wheat due to late harvesting of long duration rice varieties sown in Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains (EIGP), results in yield loss associated with high temperatures.Expand
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Functional properties of jack fruit seed flour
The chemical composition and functional properties of jack fruit seed flour were studied. The flour contained mainly albumins and globulins. The solubility of protein was high at both acidic andExpand
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Combining ability analysis for grain yield and other associated traits in rice
Combining ability analysis was carried out for grain yield, its components and some of the quality characters in a 9 x 9 diallel cross (excluding reciprocals). Both general combining ability (GCA)Expand
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Exogenous Application of Abscisic Acid Improves Cold Tolerance in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Chickpea suffers cold stress (<10 °C) damage especially during reproductive phase resulting in the abortion of flowers and pods, poor pod set, and reduction in seed yield and seed quality. One of theExpand
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Involvement of polyamines in the contrasting sensitivity of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill.) to water deficit stress
Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L. cv. GPF2) and soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill cv. Brag) genotypes were subjected to varying water stress levels of -0.2 to -0.8 MPa to assess their relative sensitivityExpand
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Low Temperature Effects during Seed Filling on Chickpea Genotypes (Cicer arietinum L.): Probing Mechanisms affecting Seed Reserves and Yield
Chickpea is sensitive to cold conditions (<15 °C), particularly at its reproductive phase and consequently it experiences significant decrease in the seed yield. The information about the effects ofExpand
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In vitro propagation of Pluchea lanceolata, a medicinal plant, and effect of heavy metals and different aminopurines on quercetin content
SummaryAn effcient regeneration protocol has been developed from leaf explants of Pluchea lanceolata, a medicinally important plant of the family Asteracea. Nodular callus was initiated from youngExpand
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In vitro selection and regeneration of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflorum Tzelev) plants resistant to culture filtrate of Septoria obesa Syd
Callus cultures derived from leaf segments of chrysanthemum cultivar ‘Snow Ball’ which was susceptible to Septoria obesa were successfully used for in vitro selection for resistance to thisExpand
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