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Formulation and Evaluation of Colon Targeted Drug Delivery of an Anti-Amoebic Drug
A multiparticulate system combining pH sensitive property and specific biodegradability has been investigated to prepare and evaluate ES-100 coated sodium alginate microspheres for colon targeting ofExpand
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Comparative evaluation of the bonding efficacy of sixth and seventh generation bonding agents: An In-Vitro study
Aims: To compare the shear bond strength of sixth generation and seventh generation bonding agents to dentin. Materials and Methods: Eighty human maxillary premolars were reduced to expose flatExpand
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Effect of cathode environment on bioelectricity generation using a novel consortium in anode side of a microbial fuel cell
Abstract In the present study, two novel dominant genera i.e., Advenella kashmirensis and Desulfovibrio aminophilus in consortium, as confirmed by IlluminaMiSeq has been used in the anode side of aExpand
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Pesticide Mineralization in Water using Silver Nanoparticles
In recent days, pesticides are widely used for pest control in agriculture and public health, due to which a large part of drinking water is getting contaminated. Due to their wide spread use, theyExpand
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Coagulation of landfill leachate by FeCl3: process optimization using Box–Behnken design (RSM)
FeCl3 coagulation was used to achieve maximum reduction of COD, phosphate, sulfate and color and process optimization (FeCl3 dosage, pH, reaction time) was done by BBD-RSM. Responses were recorded inExpand
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Risk management in supply chains
With increasing competition and globalization, the importance of risk management is increasing in extended enterprises. There are evidences that companies who excel in managing risks outperform theirExpand
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The plant Punica granatum of family Punicaceae is distributed throughout India and reputed to have numerous applications in traditional medicine system . In order to justify its folkloric use inExpand
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Oxidation of aqueous sulfur dioxide catalyzed by poly-4-vinylpyridine-Cu(II) complex. Part 1: Homogeneous phase oxidation
The oxidation of aqueous sulfur dioxide in the presence of polymer-supported copper(II) catalyst is also accompanied by homogeneous oxidation of aqueous sulfur dioxide catalyzed by leached copper(II)Expand
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New insights into the bactericidal activity of chitosan-Ag bionanocomposite: the role of the electrical conductivity.
The relationship between electrical conductivity, structure and antibacterial properties of chitosan-silver nanoparticles (CS/AgnP) biocomposites has been analyzed. To test the film's antimicrobialExpand
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A Mycobacterial Perspective on Tuberculosis in West Africa: Significant Geographical Variation of M. africanum and Other M. tuberculosis Complex Lineages
Background Phylogenetically distinct Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages differ in their phenotypes and pathogenicity. Consequently, understanding mycobacterial population structuresExpand
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