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On Adaptive Learning Rate That Guarantees Convergence in Feedforward Networks
This paper investigates new learning algorithms (LF I and LF II) based on Lyapunov function for the training of feedforward neural networks. It is observed that such algorithms have interestingExpand
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High performance loop closure detection using bag of word pairs
We propose a new method for loop closure detection for topological mapping.It uses relative spatial co-occurrence information to improve the performance.We augment BoW method with a dictionary ofExpand
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Product counting using images with application to robot-based retail stock assessment
In this paper, we propose a novel method for obtaining product count directly from images recorded using a monocular camera mounted on a mobile robot. This has application in robot-based retail stockExpand
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Kinematic control of a redundant manipulator using an inverse-forward adaptive scheme with a KSOM based hint generator
This paper proposes an online inverse-forward adaptive scheme with a KSOM based hint generator for solving the inverse kinematic problem of a redundant manipulator. In this approach, a feed-forwardExpand
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Visual motor control of a 7DOF redundant manipulator using redundancy preserving learning network
This paper deals with the design and implementation of a visual kinematic control scheme for a redundant manipulator. The inverse kinematic map for a redundant manipulator is a one-to-many relationExpand
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Improving condition- and environment-invariant place recognition with semantic place categorization
The place recognition problem comprises two distinct subproblems; recognizing a specific location in the world (“specific” or “ordinary” place recognition) and recognizing the type of place (placeExpand
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Design and Development of an automated Robotic Pick & Stow System for an e-Commerce Warehouse
In this paper, we provide details of a robotic system that can automate the task of picking and stowing objects from and to a rack in an e-commerce fulfillment warehouse. The system primarilyExpand
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Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Depth and Ego-Motion using Conditional PatchGANs
This paper presents a new GAN-based deep learning framework for estimating absolute scale aware depth and ego motion from monocular images using a completely unsupervised mode of learning. TheExpand
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A Tea-Serving Robot for Office Environment
This paper provides implementation details of a tea-serving robot designed to operate reliably in an office environment where the robot has to move in a restricted space available between the desks.Expand
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Understanding the Behaviour of Reactive Robots in a Patrol Task by Analysing Their Trajectories
In this paper, we present our analysis of trajectories for understanding the behaviour of reactive robots in a patrol task. Reactive robots are considered as one of the main applications of agentExpand
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