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Wastewater treatment with heterogeneous Fenton-type catalysts based on porous materials
The Fenton reagent which was discovered by H. J. H. Fenton over 100 years ago is still of special interest for wastewater treatment in the present time. The main objective of heterogeneous FentonExpand
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Bioinspired rattan-derived SiSiC/zeolite monoliths : Preparation and characterisation
Abstract In the present article, a three-step process for the preparation of SiSiC/zeolite composites is presented. Rattan-derived SiSiC composites were obtained via a two-step biotemplating liquidExpand
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Mesoporous organosilicas with large cage-like pores for high efficiency immobilization of enzymes.
Periodic mesoporous organosilicas (PMOs) are a novel branch of ordered hybrid mesoporous materials in which the organic fragments are regularly distributed within the framework. [ 1 ] In comparisonExpand
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Formulations à base de dispersions solides
La presente invention concerne des formulations comprenant un produit de dispersion solide d'un agent actif ayant au moins l'une d'une fraction donneur de liaisons hydrogene (par exemple,Expand