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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 3. Modelling spontaneous combustion in coal stockpiles
In the first two papers of this series, a reaction-diffusion model for low-temperature oxidation of coal was developed and used to extract kinetic rate parameters for a Wyoming subbituminous coal. InExpand
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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 1. A single-particle reaction-diffusion model
In this paper, the first of a three-part series, a kinetic model for low-temperature oxidation is developed. The formulation, based on a single isothermal particle, permits assessment of the relativeExpand
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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 2. An experimental and modelling investigation using a fixed-bed isothermal flow reactor
Results of an experimental and theoretical modelling investigation on the low-temperature oxidation of fresh, wet, low-rank coals are reported. The rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxideExpand
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Standardisation of process parametres for ready-to-eat squid masala in indigenous polymer-coated tin-free steel cans
Summary Squid masala was prepared following three different traditional recipes and one recipe was selected based on the taste panel studies. About 160 g of squid masala was packed in indigenousExpand
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Field testing of an onsite sanitation system on apartment building blackwater using biological treatment and electrochemical disinfection
The Closed Loop Advanced Sanitation System (CLASS) was designed to treat, disinfect, and recycle toilet blackwater from existing flush toilets in a multi-story apartment building. Two systems wereExpand
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Resolving the relative contributions of cistern and pour flushing to toilet water usage: Measurements from urban test sites in India
A challenge in water reuse for toilet flushing in India and other Asian countries derives from pour flushing practices. It is a common assumption that the amount of pour flushed water used forExpand
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A thermodynamic approach to selection of suitable hydrate formers for seawater desalination
Abstract An integrated thermodynamic approach for selecting a suitable hydrate former for desalination prior to process design is presented. From amongst the various formers reported in literature,Expand
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Pulsed Micro-reactor: An alternative to estimating kinetic parameters of non-catalytic gas–solid reactions
Abstract A Pulsed Micro-reactor (PMR) technique is demonstrated as a simple and viable alternative to generate kinetic data for non-catalytic gas–solid reactions. An experimental test rig wasExpand
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Condensation from gas–vapour mixtures in small non-circular tubes
Abstract Careful measurements have been made during condensation of steam from steam–air mixtures flowing in a small, flattened, horizontal tube. The ranges of the relevant variables covered (inletExpand
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