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Greater serum GH response to arm than to leg exercise performed at equivalent oxygen uptake
SummaryThe aim of this study was to provide information concerning the mechanism of exercise-induced stimulation of growth hormone (GH) release in human subjects. For this reason serum GH as well asExpand
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Plasma testosterone and catecholamine responses to physical exercise of different intensities in men
SummaryPlasma testosterone, noradrenaline, and adrenaline concentrations during three bicycle ergometer tests of the same total work output (2160 J·kg−1) but different intensity and duration wereExpand
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Comparison of dry culture medium and conventional plating techniques for enumeration of bacteria in pasteurized fluid milk.
Standard plate counts, psychrotrophic bacterial counts, and coliforms were determined by conventional plating techniques and by Petrifilm TM plates, a dry culture medium, for 48 commerciallyExpand
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Thermoregulation in hyperhydrated men during physical exercise
SummaryThe influence of hyperhydration on thermoregulatory function was tested in 8 male volunteers. The subjects performed cycle exercise in the upright position at 52%VO2max for 45 min in aExpand
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Osmotic thirst suppression in dogs exposed to low ambient temperature
Body temperature, urine output, osmotic and free water clearances, plasma osmolality, sodium and potassium concentrations, blood lactate level, osmotic thirst and central blood volume were measuredExpand
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Physiological consequences of reduced physical activity during bed rest.
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Reduction in peak oxygen uptake after prolonged bed rest.
The purpose was to test the hypothesis that the magnitude of the reduction in peak oxygen uptake (VO2) after bed rest is directly proportional to the level of pre-bed rest peak VO2. Complete pre- andExpand
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Antagonistic effects of vasopressin and hypervolemia on osmotic reactivity of the thirst mechanism in dogs
SummaryThe reactivity of the thirst mechanism to osmotic stimuli was examined in conscious dogs 1. under control conditions, 2. after raising the plasma vasopressin (PADH) level to about 30 μU/ml byExpand
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Lipoprotein lipase activity in the skeletal muscle during physical exercise in dogs
Changes in lipoportein lipase activity/LPLA/ in the quadriceps femoris muscle were followed in ten dogs during 3-hour treadmill exercise and 2-hour post-exercise recovery period. During the firstExpand
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