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Studies on effect of pesticide Chlorfenwinfos on mouse immune system.
The effect of organophosphate pesticide--Chlorfenwinfos on the selected parameters of humoral and cellular immunologic response in mice was investigated. Hematologic and histologic examinations wereExpand
The toxicity of seed extracts and their fractions from Lupinus angustifolius L. and Lupinus albus L.
Seed extracts obtained from Lupinus albus and Lupinus angustifolius by treatment with 48% ethanol contained ca. 10% alkaloids (on a dry weight basis) and were non‐toxic. Their acute toxicity (LD50)Expand
Investigations on immunological and pharmacological activities of thymus factor X/TFX.
Immunological activity of TFX was investigated on mice employing the imuran (rosette) and hydrocortisone (cytotoxic) tests. Pharmacological activity in the acute and chronic experiments was alsoExpand
Studies on the derivatives of 2-amino-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid. I. Syntheses and pharmacological analysis of acylderivatives of 2-amino-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid.
A number of new acyl and imidoderivatives of 2-amino-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid (II) and its methyl ester (VII) were synthesized. Methyl ester VII heated in benzene solution with acidExpand
Immunological profile of animals exposed to pesticide--deltamethrin.
The effect of deltamethrin (10- or 30-day exposure) on selected parameters of humoral and cellular immune response in mice was studied. In parallel also hematologic and histologic examinations wereExpand
Immunobiological and pharmacological properties of thymus factor X (TFX). I. Biological and pharmacological activity.
Detailed investigations on pharmacological properties of biologically active thymus extract were performed. Its acute and chronic toxicity was determined. Influence on the circulatory and theExpand
Immunobiological and pharmacological properties of thymus factor X (TFX). II. Immunotropic activity.
Immunobiological effect of the active thymus extract (preparation TFX) was evaluated in vitro. It was shown that the preparation exerts a protective effect, in relation to the cytotoxic action ofExpand
Indomethacin as inhibitor of hyaluronidase.
[The influence of immunomodulators on lymphokine secretion of radiation-damaged lymphocytes].
Spleen lymphocytes derived from guinea pigs loose their ability to secrete lymphokines induced by Con A after treatment with irradiation (500 and 750 mC/kg). In the presence of the immunomodulatorExpand