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Continuous Univariate Distributions.
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Symmetric Multivariate and Related Distributions
Part 1 Preliminaries: construction of symmetric multivariate distributions notation of algebraic entities and characteristics of random quantities the "d" operator groups and invariance dirichletExpand
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Process Capability Indices
The basic process capability indices - Cp, Cpk and their modifications the Cpm index and related indices process capability indices under non-normality robustness properties Multivariate processExpand
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Extreme Value Distributions: Theory and Applications
Univariate extreme value distributions generalized extreme value distributions multivariate extreme value distributions.
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Univariate Discrete Distributions.
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The Laplace Distribution and Generalizations: A Revisit with Applications to Communications, Economics, Engineering, and Finance
This book describes the inferential and modeling advantages that this distribution, together with its generalizations and modifications, offers. The exposition systematically unfolds with manyExpand
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Game-Theoretical Control Problems
Contents: Game-Theoretical Control Differential Game of Approach-Evasion Existence of the Value for a Positional Differential Game Dynamic Programming Extremal Aiming Extremal Aiming for NonlinearExpand
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Statistical Size Distributions in Economics and Actuarial Sciences
A comprehensive account of economic size distributions around the world and throughout the years In the course of the past 100 years, economists and applied statisticians have developed a remarkablyExpand
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Continuous Multivariate Distributions
In this article, we present a concise review of developments on various continuous multivariate distributions. We first present some basic definitions and notations. Then, we present severalExpand
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