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Solar fusion cross sections
We review and analyze the available information on the nuclear-fusion cross sections that are most important for solar energy generation and solar neutrino production. We provide best values for theExpand
Earthshine observations of the Earth's reflectance
Regular photometric observations of the moon's “ashen light” (earthshine) from the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) since December 1998 have quantified the earth's optical reflectance. We find largeExpand
Computational Physics--Fortran Version.
* Basic Mathematical Operations * Ordinary Differential Equations * Boundary Value and Eigenvalue Problems * Special Functions and Gaussian Quadrature * Matrix Operations * Elliptic PartialExpand
Earthshine and the Earth's albedo: 2. Observations and simulations over 3 years
[1] Since late 1998, we have been making sustained measurements of the Earth's reflectance by observing the earthshine from Big Bear Solar Observatory. Further, we have simulated the Earth'sExpand
Getting Serious About Biofuels
  • S. Koonin
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Science
  • 27 January 2006
Although Rudolf Diesel imagined that his eponymous engine would be fueled by vegetable oils, the widespread availability of inexpensive petroleum during the 20th century determined otherwise. Expand
The statistical theory of multi-step compound and direct reactions
The theory of nuclear reactions is extended so as to include a statistical treatment of multi-step processes. Two types are distinguished, the multi-step compound and the multi-step direct. The waveExpand
Climate Engineering Responses to Climate Emergencies
The study outlined a decade-long agenda of technical research that would maximally reduce the uncertainty surrounding the benefits and risks associated with SWCE and focused the research agenda on one particular SWCE concept--stratospheric aerosol injection. Expand
Auxiliary field Monte-Carlo for quantum many-body ground states
Abstract We develop an algorithm for determining the exact ground state properties of quantum many-body systems which is equally applicable to bosons and fermions. The Schroedinger eigenvalueExpand