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Effect of the hydrothermal alteration on the surface conductivity of rock matrix: Comparative study between relatively-high and low temperature hydrothermal systems
Abstract In volcanic areas, hydrothermal systems are characterized by high bulk electrical conductivity, which is a combination of high-salinity/temperature pore water and hydrothermally-altered rockExpand
Depth profiles of resistivity and spectral IP for active modern submarine hydrothermal deposits: a case study from the Iheya North Knoll and the Iheya Minor Ridge in Okinawa Trough, Japan
Submarine hydrothermal deposits are one of the promising seafloor mineral resources, because they can store a large amount of metallic minerals as sulfides. The present study focuses on theExpand
Resistivity characterisation of Hakone volcano, Central Japan, by three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion
On 29 June 2015, a small phreatic eruption occurred at Hakone volcano, Central Japan, forming several vents in the Owakudani geothermal area on the northern slope of the central cones. IntenseExpand
Two-dimensional resistivity structure of Unzen Volcano revealed by AMT and MT surveys
AMT and MT surveys were conducted to investigate at high resolution the spatial resistivity structure of Unzen volcano, with consideration given to understanding its regional dimensionality. OurExpand
Vertical mapping of hydrothermal fluids and alteration from bulk conductivity: Simple interpretation on the USDP-1 site, Unzen Volcano, SW Japan
Abstract Volcanic edifices often have hydrothermal systems in the shallow subsurface, and these hydrothermal systems may discharge volcanic gases. Electrical conductivity (resistivity) surveys haveExpand
Results of physical property measurements obtained during the CHIKYU cruise CK16-05 of hydrothermal fields at the middle Okinawa Trough.
The middle Okinawa Trough, located along the Ryukyu-arc on the margin of the East China Sea, has several active hydrothermal fields. Cruise CK16-05 of D/V CHIKYU targeted one of the largestExpand
Hydrothermal system in the Tatun Volcano Group, northern Taiwan, inferred from crustal resistivity structure by audio-magnetotellurics
The present study proposes an improved conceptual model for the hydrothermal system in the Tatun Volcano Group in northern Taiwan. In the study, audio-magnetotellurics (AMT) surveys were conducted toExpand
Possibility of effective magma degassing into groundwater flow systems beneath Unzen volcanic area, SW Japan, inferred from the evaluation of volcanic gas fluxes using electrical conductivity
Abstract The mass and heat budget of volcanic gases released from magma is critical to understanding a number of volcanic activities, including the ease with which magma can ascend. Due to itsExpand