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Effects of juice pH and potassium on juice and wine quality, and regulation of potassium in grapevines through rootstocks (Vitis): A short review
In warm irrigated regions of Australia (such as Sunraysia), pH of grape juice often tends to be high (e.g. > 3.8). A high juice pH is undesirable for the production of quality wines as it results inExpand
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Accumulation of potassium in grapevine rootstocks (Vitis) as affected by dry matter partitioning, root traits and transpiration
Background and Aims:  A high concentration of potassium (K) in grape juice can lead to high juice pH (e.g. >3.8) and, in turn, wine of lower quality. The concentration of K in grapevine can beExpand
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Regulation of berry quality parameters in 'Shiraz' grapevines through rootstocks ( Vitis )
The concentration of potassium (K) and pH in juice of grapevines is influenced by rootstocks ( Vitis ). However, the performance of rootstocks with respect to berry quality parameters andExpand
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Sudden cardiac death complicating acute myocardial infarction following synthetic cannabinoid use
1 Dux S, Bishara J, Marom D, Blum I, Pitlik S. Medroxyprogesterone acetate-induced secondary adrenal insufficiency. Ann Pharmacother 1998; 32: 134. 2 Krueger RB, Hembree W, Hill M. Prescription ofExpand
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Accumulation of potassium in grapevine rootstocks ( Vitis ) grafted to ‘Shiraz’ as affected by growth, root-traits and transpiration
The concentration of potassium (K) in scions can be controlled by rootstocks ( Vitis ). However, differences between rootstocks in the accumulation of K and mechanisms of regulation of K, whenExpand
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Strategic tillage in conservation agricultural systems of north-eastern Australia: why, where, when and how?
Farmers often resort to an occasional tillage (strategic tillage (ST)) operation to combat constraints of no-tillage (NT) farming systems. There are conflicting reports regarding impacts of ST and aExpand
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Soil‐Hydrological Responses to Rainfall Variation in a Subtropical Australian Landscape
Reliable water supply for farming is a global concern, including the Lockyer Valley region, Australia. Knowledge of rainfall variation and resulting irrigation demand and deep drainage can improveExpand
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Improving the prediction of soil evaporation for different soil types under dryland cropping
Soil evaporation (ES) is a major fraction of water loss in dryland farming worldwide. Precise estimation of ES is therefore crucial for improved decision-making in agriculture water management.Expand
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Uptake, transport, accumulation and retranslocation of potassium in grapevine rootstocks (Vitis)
The concentration and content of potassium (K) within grapevine can be regulated by selective use of rootstocks. However, the mechanisms by which rootstocks differ in the accumulation of K in theExpand
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