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1H and 13C high resolution NMR spectroscopy of carrageenans: application in research and industry
Abstract Carrageenans represent one of the major texturising ingredients in the food industry. They are natural ingredients, which are used for decades in food applications. Carrageenan is a genericExpand
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Flavanol and bound phenolic acid contents in different barley varieties.
Different barley varieties, consisting of hulled and hull-less types, of normal, waxy, and high amylose starch, as well as two-rowed and six-rowed types, were analyzed for their mainExpand
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Contents of starch and non-starch polysaccharides in barley varieties of different origin
Abstract A large number of barley varieties were extensively analyzed with emphasis on polysaccharides. Interrelationships among the different parameters were studied by using principal componentExpand
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Effective ways of decreasing acrylamide content in potato crisps during processing.
The aim of this work was to examine the effect of blanching or soaking in different acid solutions on the acrylamide content in potato crisps. Furthermore, the effects of a shorter frying time and aExpand
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Chemical and macromolecular characterisation of agar polymers from Gracilaria dura (C. Agardh) J. Agardh (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta)
Abstract Agar polymers were extracted with and without alkali pre-treatment from the red seaweed Gracilaria dura , growing in the northern Adriatic Sea. Chemical analysis combined with 1 H and 13 CExpand
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Abrupt Temporal Fluctuations in the Chicken Fecal Microbiota Are Explained by Its Gastrointestinal Origin
ABSTRACT One of the main challenges in understanding the composition of fecal microbiota is that it can consist of microbial mixtures originating from different gastrointestinal (GI) segments. Here,Expand
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Antioxidant properties and sensory profiles of breads containing barley flour.
Breads were made by replacing 40% of wheat flour with barley flour. The incorporation of barley increased the antioxidant properties of the breads compared to the control bread. Furthermore, theseExpand
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Carbohydrate degradation and methane production during fermentation ofLaminaria saccharina (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae)
Anaerobic digestion of the brown algaLaminaria saccharina (L.) Lamour. harvested in spring and autumn was carried out at controlled laboratory conditions in stirred fermentor systems. Due to theExpand
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Effect of temperature and time on the formation of acrylamide in starch-based and cereal model systems, flat breads and bread
Dry starch systems, containing varying amounts of asparagine and glucose, freeze-dried rye-based flat bread doughs, flat bread and bread, were baked at varying temperatures and times according toExpand
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Addition of glycine reduces the content of acrylamide in cereal and potato products.
The effects of adding amino acids on the content of acrylamide in potato crisps, French fries, flat breads, and bread crusts were investigated. Addition of glycine or glutamine during blanching ofExpand
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